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Hi, I have a 18x1 matrix. I am trying to sort it from smallest value to the largest value. But how to I as it to show which was the original position?

For example, M is my 18x1 matrix, i wrote "sort(M)".

In matlab I would write [Q,F]=sort(M);

Q will rearrange it for me and F will tell me the original position where it is from.

Please advice. Thank you very much.


My E01, E02 and E03 are 3x3 matrix

a:=1:  ##how many times matrix E01

b:=3:  ##how many times matrix E02

c:=2:  ##how many times matrix E03

I would like to write EM:=[E01,E02,E02,E02,E03,E03].

If i change the values of a,b and c, i would like it to change on EM too.

For example, when i change a=2,b=2,c=1 would give me EM:=[E01,E01,E02,E02,E03]

How could i do that please? Please advice.

Hi, i'm trying to write the following, it works and is giving me the answer i want. But is there a way where i can write it in a simple manner? Please advice. Thanks.

Hi, I have an equation that i need to integrate. Howver, due to the absolute equations I have in it, an analytical integration is not possible. How could i use a numerical method instead?

In matlab, instead of using "int", i use "quad". Is there such a thing in maple?

Please advice. Thanks

Hi, I'm trying to calculate a few integrations:




N1, N2, and N3 are 3x3 matrix are are functions of eta0, eta2. eta0 and eta2 are derived after several integration as well.

If i do not want to change the name "eta0" and "eta2", can i write something to indicate (eta0 for E1 is 8.3, eta0 for E2 is 4.5, eta0 for E3 is 7.9). I hope...

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