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These are questions asked by serena88

Hi, sometimes when i multiply matrix, some of the values turn out to be "Float(undefined)". How do I set all of these "Float(undefined)" to the value zero? Please help. Thanks

Hi, I have a diagonal matrix "B", which is for example [[2,0,0],[0,8,0],[0,0,4]]

I would like to have 1.5 to the power of each position in the diagonal matrix.

For example [[1.5^2,0,0],[0,1.5^8,0],[0,0,1.5^4]].

I try to write it as follows but fail :

Test 1
for j from 1 to 3 do
end do:

Test 2

Please help. Thanks.

Hi, I'm trying to do this sum in a loop but it says "Error, too many levels of recursion". May I know how should I write it please? Thanks.

for m from 1 to 5 do
end do:

I'm trying to get Aplus=(1+(1*2))+(2+(2*2)+....+(5+(5*2))


Hi, whenever I write something like A[m](i,j):=0, the clarify expression box will pop out. It will ask me to select a meaning for the expression.

All the expressions in my worksheet is "remember table assignment". Instead of pressing it so many times, is there a way to set it to the particular worksheet so that it will remember the answer everytime I run the worksheet?

Please advice. Thanks.

Hi, Here is what i have


for i from 1 to nodes do
end do:

the answers are correct, but it gives me 9 sets of 9x1 matrix. How do I write so that it would give me a 9x9 output? As in, all the answers represented in one big matrix.


If I join it one by one, I wrote << newXfull[1]>|< newXfull[2...

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