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These are questions asked by serena88

Hi, i wrote my script file some time ago, and found that I wrote `:=` in one of the equations. when I remove the ``, just let it be :=, it does not work and is spending a long time to evaluate. May I know what does `:=` means please?


I have a variable x, and trying to get an output of E00. Here is what I have :


I would like to change x to 2,4,6,8,16 and have different output of E00 and later on plot a graph. I have been trying to run them seperately. Is there a way for me to key in the inputs of x at one go? Please help. Thank you very much.

Hi, may I know how do I change only the diagonal to certain values please? Thank you.


Question 1: How do I change the diagonal part to a certain value for example 'a'?
Question 2: How do I change the diagonal part to the vector G?


Hi, I have a statement and when b is greater than 3, I would like two outputs which are z and y. But I can't seem to have it working. Please help. Thanks.


this is what i wrote:
if b>3 then z:=a and y:=c elif b<3 then z:=d and y:=a end if:

Hi, may I know what is the function "ismember" in matlab called in maple please? Thanks.

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