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Hi, I have a 9x1 'j' matrix, i am trying to arrange it into a 'b' matrix. For b[6..9,1], I would like it to have matrix 'j' in 6,5,4,3. May I know how do i do it please?

b[6..9,1]:=j[6..3,1]: <<<doesn't work


Hi, I have a 9x9 matrix. I am trying to add the last column to the first column, and vanish the last column, leaving me with a 9x8 matrix. Then add the last row to the first row, and vanish the last row, leaving me with a 8x8 matrix. I would like to repeat the process till i'm left with a 6x6 matrix. May I  know how could i do it please.

I am currently moving it one by one, but is not efficeint when i'm doing a few sets of 9x9 matrix. Could I know if it is possible...

Hi, why is it when i use swapcol, it doesn't register? For example,


Please help. Thanks. 

Hi, I am trying to use swaprow in a loop, but it is not working, could someone please point out what i am doing wrong please?


for m from 1 to 3 do
end do:

Why can't i get Quad2. Please help, thanks.

What is the difference between with(Student[LinearAlgebra]) and with(LinearAlgebra)?

When i tried to use functions such as AddRow, SwapRow, it doesn't work when i load "LinearAlgebra", but works fine with "Student[LinearAlgebra]". May I know why is this so please? Thanks.

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