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I 'm solving asystem of equations and one of the result are Hfloat what does it means and how i convert it to number???

if i have agroup consist of two values for example {0.2,0.5} how to name 0.2 with a certian symple like R and 0.5 with other sympol

the infint  summation  maple cant evaluated it  when my variables  are more than one decimal number 


how to approximate this number to The nearest decimal number by maple


i used this  commend to plot three equation and it actually work .my question her how to show any point cordinates just i pointed on it ? could i do it by maple or what ?
help please 
implicitplot3d({f[1], f[2], f[3]}, Q[h] = 0 .. 100, S[h] = 0 .. 100, R[h] = 0 .. 100);

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