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Here in my code I am trying to differentiate a finite summation and the command Sum is giving me a simpler evaluation than the command sum.

But I have a problem, the command Sum doesn't work under signal processing tool. Is there away to make it work?



when i evaluate integration and my result s are HFloat what does it mean ?

how to avoid it ?

and how to distribute integration when the expand command doesnt work?

I have three questions

1:= If I have summation over i from 0 to 100 how do I prevent maple from unpacking the sum and set it like it is?

2:= Does the comand evalf give me an imaginary evaluation if we apply it in a sum and how do I avoid that?

3:= For infinite sum, Maple evaluates it with term hyper geometry and can't after that evaluate the diffrentation how do I prevent that?

i am trying to solve some equations ......but the comand f solve is not always work .i have two Question 
1:=is there any ather comand in maple solve the quations and looking for the answer in acetrtian region of real line other than f solve?

2:=iam trying to tell maple if you couldnt solve this equation assign another value of X as 
(if fsolve(Q[1])=Nill then X:=3;) but this comand desnt actually work in my loop

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