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The two forms below (eqn1 and eqn2) give the same result. You can convert from eqn1 to eqn2 using the expand option but is there a way can you get Maple to simplify eqn2 back to eqn1?

( I have tried all the simplify options I know)


eqn1:= int(int(k(upsilon)*h(tau)*x(t-tau)*x(t-upsilon), tau = -infinity .. infinity), upsilon = -infinity .. infinity)


eqn2:= (int(h(tau)*x(t-tau), tau = -infinity .. infinity))*(int(k(upsilon)*x(t-upsilon), upsilon = -infinity .. infinity))






wondered if anyone knows how to make proper use of the large operators pallete on the list of pallettes on the left. For example when using the contour integration symbol on the left how do you enter the delimiters. 

I always get the error: "Error, unable to match delimiters". The help on this is not useful for this case. 




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