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Stefan Vorkoetter is a Senior Architect at Maplesoft, a position that is a combination of design consultant and developer-at-large.

He has been with Maplesoft since May of 1989 after completing a graduate program at the University of Waterloo under Maplesoft co-founder Gaston Gonnet. During his undergraduate career, he worked part time at UW's Symbolic Computation Group, where the Maple system was born.

Stefan's areas of expertise are in algorithms, data structures, and programming language design and implementation. He has worked extensively on various aspects of the Maple kernel, and more recently, the Modelica compiler component of MapleSim. Despite holding a Master of Mathematics degree, he considers himself a computer scientist first.

Stefan was born in Germany, but immigrated to Canada at the age of three. Like many at Maplesoft, he moved to Waterloo to attend the University of Waterloo, met his wife there, and never left. When not working, Stefan is an active participant in the Norwegian Fjordhorse farm he and Lori call home. He also dabbles in electronics, model and full-scale aviation, music, and collecting slide rules and old calculators, and maintains a web site documenting his hobbies.

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