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Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager Hi, I'm having the nastiest time trying to get a plot from with DEplot3d. I suppose it's not really necessary to look at the whole maple file, but just this part: DEplot3d({de, w(t)= diff(z(t),t),D(x)(t)=diff(x(t),t), D(y)(t)=diff(y(t),t)},{x(t),y(t),z(t),w(t)}, t=0..2*Pi,[[w(0)=P,z(0)=0]], scene = [x(t),y(t),z(t)]) I'm trying to plot the solution to a second order diffeq, where x(t), and y(t) are known. Any help would be appreciated...I've been racking my brain for hours on this stuff
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