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Dear Sir: In worksheet mode, I got an evaluation result which has a very long equation. The maple display it just on one line so that the result is displayed over window bound. I want to set it up to display the result on multiline. So, it is easy to look at my result without moving my mouse. Could you tell me how to set it up? Thanks in advance.
Dear Sir: I am using Maple 11. I try to change the font and size of both input and output display in TEXT mode as a default mode. But, I can not find an option to change them under TOOLS menu. Could you tell me how to do? Thanks.
Dear Sir: I try to learn to use the linear algebra in maple. I try to compute the following matrices. restart; assume(a>0,b>0,c>0); with(LinearAlgebra): M:=Matrix([[a, 0],[0, b]]); K:=Matrix([[c,-c],[-c,c]]); V:=Eigenvectors(K,M); X:=V[2]; Multiply(Multiply(X^%T,M),X); I expect that the final result should be the indentity matrix. However, it does not produce what I expect. Please give me some advice to get the identity matrix. Thank you.
Dear Sir: I try to solve a set of simultaneous equations. But, it is not easy to get a solution by using MAPLE package. restart; eq1:=P-2*P*cos(w*t[2])+(P+1)*cos(w*t[3])=0; eq2:=-2*P*sin(w*t[2])+(P+1)*sin(w*t[3])=0; _EnvAllSolutions:=true: _EnvExplicit:=true: solve({eq1,eq2},{t[2],t[3]}); But, MAPLE does not give me what I want. I expect that the solution should be in the following way: t[2]=(1/w)*arccos((4*P^2-2*P-1)/(4*P^2)); t[3]=(1/w)*arccos((2*P^2-2*P-1)/(2*P^2+2*P)); where w and P are positive constants. Could you help me to get the solution? Thanks
Dear Sir: Following is the inverse laplace of the given equation. restart; with(inttrans): X:=-k*(m[1]+m[2])/(s*(k*(m[1]+m[2])+m[1]*s^2*m[2])); invlaplace(X,s,t); The result is something like "1-cosh(a t)". I expect that the result is similar to "1-cos(a t)". How could I get what I want to get? Thanks in advance
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