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Hi Guys,

It might be a very basic question, but I am struggling with it for a quite a time.  I have an expression in a form of


and I want to use factor operation elementwise, i.e., it can individually act on h(x) and can give me

f(x)=h1(x)*h2(x)+g1(x)*g2(x). But whenever I am putting factor operation with elementwise it is not giving me desired answer. It would be really helpful and great if someone can help me out.

I am attaching maple sheet for reference also.

Thanks in advance and regards




It might be a very basic question, but I am having trouble with the substitution of multiplication of symbols.  I have a equation in the format of     N*x*y-x*y+f(x,y)=0, and I need to substitute xy=1 in this equation without interferring in f(x,y).

When I am using subs commnad in maple, it is not recognizing xy nad giving me the same equation.

I really appreciate help in this matter.

Thanks in advance




I am having trouble in plotting the 3d plot of explicit expressions. Lets say



then how can I plot f(z) and g(z) together with z in 3d plot?

Thanks in advance




Can anyone suggest the tutorial or good examples for parallel computing in maple.

Thanks in advance.


This is regarding numerical solution of a function and plot. I have a function in the form of f1(omega,arctan(f2(omega))), and i need to plot it with omega (as the expression is too long i cant insert it here). Now, if i am changing the range of omega in plot command then I am getting different plots for the small values of omega. Let's say if i change the range from 1..10 to 1..50 and look at the plot in the range of 1..3 then the plots looks different. Apart from this if i change the value of Digits  from 10 to 30 or 40 then every time i am getting an entire different  plot. As the expression if too long i cant convert it to Matlab expression and plot there. How to fix these issues. Please help me regarding this.




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