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@Mac Dude @Axel Vogt @tomleslie

Thank you guys very much!

I really appreciate that you've put time in looking at my problem and founding a solution for it! I can now do further analysis for my thesis

Kind Regards, Sven!

@Mac Dude Thank you for your fast response!

- My bad, something went wrong when copying to code in my question, my syntax should be ok.

I'm glad you was able to find a solution. Though the values are not what I expected, I did expect something around: Io = 1n, Rs = 0.200 , n = 1.3 (can I conclude from this that my measurments weren't precise enough/ model isn't good enough or could it be that there are multiple solutions for this set?)

- I tried to replicate what you did but didn't get a solution like you did, did I forgot something? 

(I found out how to link to maple code now, my updated file is now this:)


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