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Maple is to me difficult. The first version I bought was Maple9, and it was more than 15 years ago. But, I couldn't use it, feeling it too difficult. But, three years ago, I thought Maple might be helpful to my study, and since then, I have continued to learn Maple. As I got able to read the Maple help, I think that I could get to use maple better now than before. But, I feel that I am a beginner yet.

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Green-arrow uploard doesn't work in my circumstances as well.
In 3. Insert Links Or Content, insert link bottun does not respond to
the click on it. I am using macosx 10.11.6 and maple2016.


@Christian Wolinski 
@Carl Love 

Thank you for teaching me the code, and for using the use of ",".

Best wishes.


For example, when I tried to search comments or questions with the keyword of "carl module", I find the sentence that

" Carl Love - Replies
... Answered: June 29 2016 by Carl Love 10445. 0 0 + Add Tags. @candy898 You should
follow Joe's advice. Put the entire code of the module, and all of its procedures ... "

But, even if I got interested in the above comment and clicked this link of "Carl Love -Repries", what I find is the page of
"These are replies submitted by Carl Love"
, in which only the list of Carl's comment is on, not the page of

... Answered: June 29 2016 by Carl Love 10445. 0 0 + Add Tags. @candy898 You should
follow Joe's advice. Put the entire code of the module, and all of its procedures ... ."

So, If I tried to find the comment, I have to trace back the pages of comments of Carl, which is some effort.

From this point, I think that the functionality in using search is a little bad.





Thank you.

It's really the answer I wanted to obtain.

Best wishes.


Dear @Carl Love

Thank you very much. I could fix the code owing to you.

Best wishes.


Dear @Carl Love 

I tried to insert the code:

numer_expand := a->expand(numer(a))/denom(a);

before h:= F-> expand(evalindets(D(F)/F, specfunc(D), d-> op(d)*'h'(op(d))))
in your code as

z5:= module()
option package;
    numer_expand := a->expand(numer(a))/denom(a);
     h:= F-> expand(evalindets(D(F)/F, specfunc(D), d-> op(d)*'h'(op(d))))
     ModuleLoad:= proc() :-`print/h`:= ()-> ':-h'(args) end proc,
     ModuleUnload:= ()-> unassign(':-`print/h`')
end module:

But, the error occurs.



Error, unexpected `local` declaration in `module` body
Please teach me how I should modify.

Best wishes.





You don't need to use interface or cat in using read.

you have only to write

> read("directory where you saved mpl file which you can find with terminal application

through dragging the mpl file into terminal app's screen");



Thank you for your reply.
I as well will try to clean this board from spams if I could delete spams.
Anyway, I hope deleting spams will become easy one, which does not need even a few clicks.



@Carl Love 

Thank you for your teaching me.

I could understand that there is such a way of use of :-, owing to you.

Thank you.


Best wishes.


Two weeks had passsed since Byron's answer. I hope everythings is going well.

@Carl Love 

Thank you alway for your teaching.

I owe you quite a lot.

And, though I'm sorry for asking for futher answer,

I have another questions about your answer.

in your code of

proc():-`print/h`:= ()-> ':-h'(args)

why ":-" comes after proc()? This is the first time I see the form, with proc taking

statement after it. And, why there occurrs no problem even if including ':-' in front of h.

I can't understand the meaning of the form of ':-h'.

Definitly the day would not come, when I hit on your answer, for myself.

Thank you for your helping me a lot.

Best wishes.


I brought maple back to 10.11 of OSX.

I had been worrying about mail. But, though that operation as well, there wasn't the case that

mail had dissapeared. Of course, before starting that operation, I backed up the contents of this macbook

to a hard disk.





I had been used to updates of software when OS got new.

Surely, it is strange as updating software needs cost and time.

Thank you. I will wait for some update if there would be, or for the next version of maple.

Best wishes.



Surely, if this were 2D, there does not look having a gap.

z1, z2 := solve(x^2+y^2 = 1, {x, y})

plot([rhs(z1[1]), rhs(z2[1])], y = -1 .. 1, scaling = constrained, color = red);


As for the range of your plot, you can determine it with

for example

solve(eval((x-y)^2+(x-z)^2+(z-x)^2 = 3, {x = 2, y = 2}), z):evalf(%);


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