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I have a small Maple library (created with march and savelib) that I want to distribute to some people. It seems to work fine, but if I zip it (with the idea of mailing it), the resulting zipped directory under windows seems to throw up security warnings and gets rejected by my outgoing mail client for being "oversize" although it is in fact small. Are Maple libraries so created just standard files or are they special in some way? I'd be grateful for any insight. Toby
f := piecewise( is(floor(x)::odd), 1, 0 ): seq( f(n), n=-5..5 ); plot( f, -5..5 ); produces (Maple 11) the expected output (sequence alternates 1 and 0 - plot is a square wave). Replace the definition of f by f := piecewise( floor(x)::odd, 1, 0 ): and the seq command still operates as expected but the plot shows f=1 between 1 and 2 but otherwise 0. Does anybody know what is going on here? It's probably not important but I am confused. Toby
A colleague has asked me this: The integral int(exp(-x)/sqrt(x^2-1),x=1..infinity) is equal to BesselK(0,1). Is it possible to get Maple to make this evaluation? I (or he) would be grateful for any ideas.
Am I having an off day, or does the view option for plots (and 3d plots) not work when one has axes=NONE? For example, the plots plot( x^2, x=-1..1, view=[-2..2,-2..2], axes=NONE); plot( x^2, x=-1..1, view=[-2..2,-2..2], axes=BOXED); produce completely different plots, with the view parameter being ignored in the first version. Can this be fixed? It seems a bizarre question, but I was trying to create a bit of space around a 3d plot so that it can be rotated without falling off the edge, and I can't figure out how to do that if I don't want axes.
A colleague is trying to evaluate some contour integrals numerically using evalf(Int(f,t=0..1)). Unfortunately f involves square and higher roots and Maple is getting an incorrect answer because it is not choosing the branch for these roots continuously through the range of integration. Apparantly Mathematica has an option in numerical integration which forces a continuous choice of branch for the integrand. Is there any reasonably simple way to achieve the same with Maple? Thanks.
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