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Hi! I have some problems with solving convection-diffusion equation. The liquid phase move up with velocity W. And displace vapor phase. C - molar concentration of gas. z - coordinate. w - velocity. h - height of tank. t - time.


Its not clear to me how to set moving boundary condition on bottom boundary, so C(0,t)=cs must move up with w velocity.

May be maple have some procedures to make moving boundary or adaptive mesh??? thank you!


eq1 := diff(c(z, t), t)+diff(w*c(z, t), z) = d*(diff(c(z, t), z$2));
IBC := { c(z, 0) = 0, c(0, t) = cs, (D[1](c))(h, t) = 0}



i have problems with surfdata command. I want to see beautifull surface, but see only few black lines.

and i dont know why, because i do all like in example.


Thank you vwry much for answers)


Exuse me, can somebody help me???

Maple kills my very important work. I work with Maple 13 and wrote big scientific programm.

I restart my computer, when i try to open file, which works normal yesterday, i saw something like this:


//   How do yo want to open this text file? //

Maple text     Plain text    Maple input   Cancel



Everything i try - no result,...

Hi! sorry me for my bad english =(

Can you help me with such problem? -

I need to solve a partial differential equation with 3 independent variables.

i see such answer - that maple doesn't solve such type of equations and i am very sorry about it =(

why matlab solve them and maple doesn't solve? the problem isn't hard - just give numeric solution, before i think much better about maple, and now i see that maple is rather limited program.  T_T

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