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I have downloaded the lead acid battery model from the link I have made the whole system as a subsystem block and tried to generate a simulink sfunction block, but I was not successful. I am getting the below error while doing so.

 Error in Component Button43 with caption "Generate to Simulink":
(in MapleSim:-GetInitialConditions:-GetInitialConditions...


I have got few quick questions once i have gone through the features of MapleSim connector and here are they.

  • Can we use the S-function created by MapleSim with Targetlink
  • If I am doing the HIL simulations, how does MapleSim take care of solvers. Do we need to write the device drivers and tlc files or the tool takes care of it.
  • How do I go about doing HIL simulations if my model is discrete.

Would appreciate if...



I tried to start a daemon for Maple 14 in Ubuntu 8.04 OS, but when I try to run lmgrd,it says that there is no such file or directory. Can any one give an idea on what the problem is and how to over come it.

Below are the output of few of the commands.

1)O/P of command "file lmgrd"

appmath@appmath-desktop:~$ cd /root/Maple_Network_Tools/FLEXlm/11.7

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