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These are questions asked by vitato987

How to plot the following functions?


plot(4*sqrt(L/g)*EllipticF(Pi/2, sin(theta0/2)), theta0 = 1 .. 20)


ode := diff(x(t), t, t) = - sin(x(t)^3)/x(t)^2

ics := x(0) = 0.7, D(x)(0) = 0.8

sol := dsolve({ics, ode}, numeric)

How can I  plot the derivative of the function x(t)?

I tried something like that:

odeplot(diff(sol, t), t = 0 .. 20) 

but not working


How to create procedure "mySumOfMatrixDiagonal(M)" which calculates the sum of the square of diagonal components for any given square matrix

How to find all solutions [xi,yi] to the following system of equations  



which satisfies condition 1,2<x<2  

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