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I am trying to solve the equation in the attached Maple file, but Maple cannot return a result.



Digits := 30




[animate, animate3d, animatecurve, arrow, changecoords, complexplot, complexplot3d, conformal, conformal3d, contourplot, contourplot3d, coordplot, coordplot3d, densityplot, display, dualaxisplot, fieldplot, fieldplot3d, gradplot, gradplot3d, implicitplot, implicitplot3d, inequal, interactive, interactiveparams, intersectplot, listcontplot, listcontplot3d, listdensityplot, listplot, listplot3d, loglogplot, logplot, matrixplot, multiple, odeplot, pareto, plotcompare, pointplot, pointplot3d, polarplot, polygonplot, polygonplot3d, polyhedra_supported, polyhedraplot, rootlocus, semilogplot, setcolors, setoptions, setoptions3d, shadebetween, spacecurve, sparsematrixplot, surfdata, textplot, textplot3d, tubeplot]




say the f(x) is a Beta with parameters alpha and beta


alpha := 10



beta := 100000




proc (x) options operator, arrow, function_assign; Statistics:-PDF(BetaDistribution(alpha, beta), x) end proc



piecewise(x < 0, 0, x < 1, x^9*(1-x)^99999/Beta(10, 100000), 0)



semilogplot(PDF(BetaDistribution(alpha, beta), x), x = 0 .. 1)



fsolve(int(f(x), x = 0 .. y) = .1, y = 0 .. 1)

Download test_fsolve_integ.mw

Please find the attached Maple file.


I am attaching the maple sheet in which you may see the function f I defined. I am using MacBook Pro and Maple 2020


I know we can use Maple LPSolver for linear programming problem (eg. https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=Optimization/LPSolveMatrixForm), while I am wondering if we can use maple to solve a LP problem symbolically when some of the constants in those examples are unknow parameters.

If no, any suggestions of other solutions´╝čI guess I have to do the simplex method manually? Thanks.

Hi all,

For some range of my model parameter, the numerical integration fails to give a numerical answer rather a symbolic expression. Any idea why?

Please see this attached.NumericInt.mw.

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