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These are questions asked by weidade37211

Hi All,

I would like to plot3d a function say z=f(x,y). x=0..1, y=0..1.

But I only want to display a surface of the plots, say z=0.1. Is there any simple function to do that?

I am looking for soemthing like: plot3d(f(x,y)=0.1, x=0..1,y=0..1)


Hi All,

I am thinking is there any simple function that could extract part of the points that have been ploted by plot() or plot3d(). And more ideally, we can specify some constraints such that the points being extracted must satisfy.

I guess Maple must stored the points somewhere in the memory in some kinds of data structure....


Hi All,

I would like to generate a sequence (say 10) of points <x_i,y_i>. (i=1, 2,..,10.)

There is a predefined constraint like f(x_i,y_i)=0.01. And I don't know the close form of f() (becasue there is a intermediate parameter in f() that was caculated numerically by optimization.).

Is there any simple function, e.g. a variant of seq(), that can do this? I am looking for something looks like:

seq(f(x,y)=0.01, x=0..1, y=0..1, 0.1)


Hi, i want to plot a function say R(t,n),

plot(R(t), t = 500 .. 50000) how can specify the t can only take intger value in the range of [500, 50000]?

I am looking for something like :plot(R(t), t = 500 .. 50000, assume=integer)

I have a vector P_X

I want to use it in the constraint of Maple optimization, that all item in P_X is smaller than 1. I am looking for some expression looks like: all(P_X[i]<1,i=1..10)


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