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I built the shock model in MapleSim


then I got the response accleration


For this curve, I want to solve its fourier series in Maple.

Do it work?

thinks in advance.

this is the msim file


I want to simulate the model as show in Fig.1 

Fig. 1

Its equation of movement is 


and its mathematical solution can be caculate as Fig. 2

I made a model in MapleSim(Fig 1).

Here is the custom element named 'FcF' among the model. Its equation is defined as Fig 2.

I analyses
the model in Maple, the part related with the equation of FcF is shown
as Fig 3.

I made a model in MapleSim 4, and an error occurred after I pushed the
button of 'simulate the model'.Maplesim froze at the step named

'CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae'. But it was Ok

when this file was simulated in Maplesim 3.


Is here anybody met the same problem?

I made a model in MapleSim, and I want to analysis it in Maple.
But there was an error when I used the 'get equations' buttom.

and my piecewise equation is 

Is there any problem to this equation?
I really didn't know how to solve it.

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