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I rather liked to get updates telling me that a forum I had posted in had been updated, but now I no longer get those.  Did this feature go away, or did I somehow muck up my settings to remove this option?  [I did remove 'aggressive notification', I hope that was not it, as I do want to keep those separate].

Right now, 'jakubi' appears to be online twice -- ie his name shows up twice in the "Who's online"! Even if he is using two computers at once to read mapleprimes twice as fast, this does seem rather weird!

Each time I edit and resubmit a comment, user <blank> gains a point and I lose one.

The points aren't very important, but hey a bug's a bug.

I see the text of  "compose tips" in overlapping the right column.

I am observing the changes in this site, and I find that the block "Recent comments" in the right column now appears too far away at the bottom. In part because the new section "Active Student Forum Topics" was added. I do not see in "User account" > "Block configuration" an option to set the order of the blocks. Could such an option be added?
How can one add something that will show up as < in the Subject line of a posting here?

The goal is to have it show up properly both at the top of the post itself as well as in the "Recent comments" right-sidebar.

Regardless of whether the "Input format" is "Plain Text" or one of the HTML variants, a literal, typed < shows up as blank in the final displayed Subject field. Ie, it gets treated as HTML.

But with Input format as HTML, a literal, typed < displays as a nicely marked up < symbol in the Subject field but shows as raw source in the "Recent comments" field.

Is there any way to enter < symbols in the Subject line so that they appear properly in both locations?
Right now (noon, Friday, 14 December) all 10 items in the Recent Comments are related to one forum, all within the last hour. I think this is the first time I have seen this. While a number of these comments are my own, I think this points out a problem others have made in the past. During active times, many comments get cycled out of Recent Comments before they are seen by regular readers. I would like to see this list given more space. Could it be expanded to keep all comments made in the past 6 hours (or the last 10 comments during slow periods). Maybe Active Forum Topics could be expanded a little, too. It would also be helpful to know how many posts are in a particular discussion and when the last comment was made. This information is available in other parts of MaplePrimes, can it be presented in a more concise form on the main page?
I have a very long Equation and I need to simplifying it, I don't know how to use Maple is it possible one helps me how to do it? or simplifying it for me. Can Maple do it and how it will looks like?? my equation is d/h = ((((T / SK) + (T * -0.390527)) / (((T + -0.421559) * (SK + (SK + ((SK / (SK + (((T * -0.39954) + (SK + (T / SK))) + SK))) + SK)))) / T)) * -0.376824) If one can help to restructure it and give a simple one from two parts only, it will be so nice

Should we have a mark to indicate Maplesoft employees? Maybe a special colour of leaf or something. I'm not sure if this is needed or even a good idea, I'm just asking the question.

The Maple 10 Help on Embedded Component provides examples for all components that I have found to be easy to follow and understand except for the example relating to the Text Area component. With this example, one should be able to perform the action of retrieving an expression entered in a text area and displaying this expression as 2-D Math in a math container upon selecting Enter. The instruction to perform this action is to enter the following in the Action When Contents Change field of the Text Area. This instruction is: SetProperty 'MathContainer0', 'value',parse(GetProperty('TextArea0', 'value')));
I have realized that Firefox (v, Win XP) is not showing here the "Recent blog posts" column on the right, while it does appear in eg Opera 9.24, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Elinks 0.11.3. I am not sure at what version of Firefox this problem began. Anyone else has observed this effect?
Yesterday evening I decided that I would like to make a list of links to the posts of mine which I consider most valuable. Today, however, I have realized that this is no easy task because the closest I can get to these posts is the "my recent posts" where only links to complete threads can be found. Therefore, would it be possible to get a list of ones own posts, each post with a pointer to its appropiate place in some thread? I guess that it boils down to some appropiate database query.
Hmmm. How did eTwqgQegPG manage to accumulate 246 points in less than 2 days? Without posting anything?
For a long thread it is often a bit difficult to locate the new posts referred to in the Replies column of recent posts, especially if the thread has laid dormant for some period of time over which its detailed history has been forgotten. Therefore, could new posts be highlighted in some way to make them stand out?
I have been unable to send a MaplePrimes post by e-mail. I click the e-mail link, enter an e-mail address (my own, for testing), confirm that there is a link to be sent, enter something in the message body, and press Send Message. A message arrives in my inbox, but it does not contain the post I was trying to send. Here is the text version of the body of the e-mail message I received from MaplePrimes: I have confirmed that this is repeatable (at least twice in the past day).
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