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What is the best way to include Maple output in this forum.  What are the steps necessary.  I use to copy the output from  my worksheet and paste it as Maple code, and it would work.  I have not been able to do this any more.  I am missing something.  Is the format Filtered HTML or Worksheet HTML?



Many popular online sites, such as OEIS, for example, have online refereed journals.

When this site was in beta, this idea also was suggested for Mapleprimes.

It would be great if it was finally implemented. There are enough people here now for a good editorial board. I suggest Robert Israel as the Chief Editor.

This topic was discussed many times.

Originally I didn't think that it is a good idea, because who would write the original basic stuff? Maple is a complicated program, and even the basic stuff would cover thousands of pages. The competent people don't have time for that, and what incompetent people can write would be interesting only for them and not for anybody else.

Now I got another idea - the basic stuff can be created from the Maple help pages converted to html. But that could be done only in Maplesoft supported wiki. On this site, for instance.

Filter and Ignore list are standard features of many forums and newsreaders. For example, when I want to look through the Maple newsgroup, I use a newsreader with my Ignore list and see only 3-5 posts instead of 3 or 5 thousands posts without that.

The situations on this site is not that bad, but still there are some users trying to spread their incompetence across the Universe, and I cannot use my newsreader for filtering them out. Could it be possible to implement that feature - Ignore lists in the next major release of Mapleprimes? there a way to change that?


Is the MaplePrimes server clock off by about fifteen minutes?  The posted times differ by about that from what I expect.

View button in the user account (right next to the name) points to the same page where it is located. What is the purpose of it then?

By the way, the user account page has quite a few errors in it. In IE7 it loads with a message "Done, but with errors on page" in the status bar, and Firefox outputs the following warnings and an error message in the error console:

Warning: Error in parsing value for property 'display'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 43

Currently, we get 1 point for a forum post or a comment, 3 points for a blog entry, and 5 points for a book post. However, the actual value of a post varies significantly. It can be a question, or an answer that is not very helpful, or an answer with a workaround etc. Perhaps, that could be included in the point calculation. Something like the MSDN scheme:


I subscribe to different posts.  All the e-mail I receive is on my hotmail account.   I don't know why.  I would like to be able to change that settings so I will receive it on my outlook account.

How do I .....


Since some days I can no longer save threads in html format in a readable way.

Was there anything changed?

Hi, I have posted some Maple worksheet on MaplePrimes File Manager. Just a simple question, How do I delete uploaded files there ? Yasuyuki Nakamura

I frequently see references to data being loaded from -- what is that?  It's annoying because the page seems to have been loaded, but the browser is still active doing stuff, so that interaction is slower.  If this is not doing something really useful, could it be turned off?

Hi !

I'm getting the following error when i run my script !!!!

Error, (in sqrfree) argument must be a polynomial or a rational function in {zB, TBA, yB, d, xB}

I'm using the sqrt function for my variables but it'S returning this error

Sample of my code


I have a question about e-mail notification from Mapleprimes. Some month ago when somone answered my post it was generated an e-mail notificaion, but now it is not (I think).

I looked for notification e-mails in Spam bin as well, but it was empty.

Does Mapleprimes still create notifications?

Thank you very much.



I have been trying to change the signature on the account settings on MaplePrimes. I did make a change in the last couple of weeks, but need to make another change to remove some extraneous characters from the end of the signature. I have gone through the steps to make this change several times (at least 10) in the last couple of days, from work and home. But, the change is never saved. I make the change to the signature, click Submit, and see a message that "The changes have been saved." But, when I try to make another post, the changes have NOT been saved. I have tried entering my password as part of this process, but that makes no difference. I have tried to re-click the Accept box for the Terms and Conditions but this box is inactive.

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