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Curious about something. In Maple 10 I was able to find the inverse Fourier transform of a product of transforms (a linear filter actually) by definition.  For example, Maple 10 would evaluate:

1/sqrt(2*Pi)*int(LF*exp(I*lambda*t),lambda=-infinity..infinity) where LF is was a product of two Fourier transforms.

Maple 11 on the other hand will not evaluate the integral and I am left having to use:

with(inttrans): sqrt(2*Pi)*invfourier(LF,lambda,t);

Could someone at MapleSoft please tell me how to make the output of something like


format nicely under the maple-tag? It is, of course, conceivable that it is just me having fundamentally misunderstood the (new?) syntax of the maple-tag. Also, it is conceivable that the Maple tag only malfunctions in the preview version of my posts, but I will never know because as long as it fails there, I will not hit the submit button.

The Mapleprimes FAQ has a bullet item "How do I add typeset math to my post?" which is followed leads to an invalid link.

Instead, it should link to either this or this.



As of today, March 1, 2008, I see many uploaded mw files in the Recent Files section, do not appear intact. Is anyone trying to fix that problem?


I have a task to write program on Java, which will model some process. So, i need tools to solve differential equations. Can I use maple lib's to do it, or I should search another way?

I wonder if there are size limits for uploaded files. And what are they? How Thanks.

This new MaplePrimes editor is not so bad as I feared. It has some quirks, to be sure. Would it be possible to add a toggle between normal and monospace text?  That would simplify the task of writing readable Maple input code, that is, it would eliminate the need to scroll the Format box.

In the thread An easy way to plot the region between two curves there are several pictures which are externally stored, i.e., they have not been uploaded to mapleprimes, but instead the sources of the images point to some outside site.

That should work, I think, but it does not, at least not where I am sitting. I see some Chinese looking art with (the external site at which they are stored, I assume) at the bottom of each picture.


Currently, with "Comment viewing options" set to 50 (the default), I see 6 comments in the 2nd page, but clicking on their links on the block "Recent Coments" send the browser (Firefox) to the top of the first page. 

Could you solve this problem?



For the past few days I was unable to login using either my mapleprimes or maplesoft account information.

Was this happening to anyone else during the recent mapleprimes changes ?



I am still missing the implementation of the pre and code tags in the new editor. As the editor works now, having to switch back and forth between WYSIWYG view and source view, I feel it puts a higher workload on me than its predecessor did.

Also, I am missing a properly working maple tag: the browser seems to show only a fraction of the image intended. Because of this, for a couple of posts, now, I have left out informative Maple output. That can hardly be the way this site is supposed to work.

Comments have been closed on this post since it has become difficult to follow the many threads of discusson. Please post to the MaplePrimes suggestions forum with any comments that you have on the new site

Should we repost on this forum the comments made on your blog "Welcome to the Updated MaplePrimes" ?


I would like to flag the file

Is there a way to flag files similar to the way that posts can be flagged?

This page says that there are five rankings in this table. But there are only four.

The new maple ranking page now uses an unconstrained table.  But my screen is really wide, which makes the result really ugly and hard to read!  In most cases, I defnitely prefer unconstrained tables, to take advantage of the full space available, but this is one case where the end results are much worse.  Could it be restored to fixed-width?

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