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"01000001" is A

how convert string of binary into a characters?


how to convert this string into 65 too?

Primetable :=table[(2=b,3=c)]

so far, hard code in above code

is there a generic code for general

according alphabet order 5=d,7=e etc


is 2^2

it has power

how to get 2 only

If I pass "a := x + y;"

as a string

can it turn to command?

if so, can it export this feature into c# or python?

how to count the number of decimal places if input a decimal number

i use

A -> B

B -> C

would like to find A -> C directly from A -> B and B -> C

but logic table show that AND(A->B, B->C) is not equal to A -> C

and (A->B) -> (B->C) is not equal to A -> C too

which logic operations can do this?

because do not want to use result to verify and because i do not know the result in the beginning

I could keep on using the commands 




but then this is not helpful because I do not get non-isomorphic graph each time and there are repetitions. So any other suggestions would be very helpful. 

for example

func1 := proc(system1)

for i from 1 to 100 do

solve([system1[1], system1[2]],[x,y]);


end proc:


func1([diff(y,t) = data[i+t+1], diff(x,t) = data[i+t+1]])

i is depend on the for loop inside a function, but woud like to pass this system into a function with i

this will cause error

how to write better for passing a system as parameter using variable inside a function?

this can get a list of X1,X2,B2,X3,X5

propositionsentence := MM(AA("it", "run"), "maple"):

but this can not get "it", "run", "maple"

how to do this in case this in maple 12?

i use optimization package with constraint hello >= 0

Minimize(xx=0, {hello >= 0})

but solution only return the case when hello = 0

how about hello > 0?

i would like to find all possible set of solutions using this constraint

do i need to set upper bound, such as {hello <= 7, hello >=0}

can it return solution when hello = 1.1, 1.2, ...2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ....7

How to create a hyperplane which perpendicular to groebner basis

tord := plex(x, y, z);
G := Basis([hello1, hello2, hello3], tord);
ns, rv := NormalSet(G, tord);
Error, (in Groebner:-NormalSet) The case of non-zero-dimensional varieties is not handled
is this error due to version of maple?
which version do not have this error?

A lemniscate is a polar curve of the form r^2=a^2*cos(2*theta) or r^2=a^2*sin(2*theta). I have just started using Maple and I wrote the following commands: 

> with(plots):
> polarplot(2*sqrt(cos(2*t)), axiscoordinates = cartesian, angularunit = radian, color = "Black");

But I am getting the following graph 

which is not satisfactory since some points are missing. I know that using the square root may have caused this, but I am not sure as to how should I resolve this issue. I used plus/minus symbol before the expression 2(cos(2t))^(0.5) but there was an error and the discontinuity still persisits. Kindly help me in plotting this curve. 

Thank you.

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a hand on telling me what is wrong with this problem! pdsolve gives the error: Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) found functions with same name but depending on different arguments in the given DE system: {f(0, y), f(x, 0), f(x, y), (D[2](f))(0, y), (D[2](f))(x, 0)}.

Thanks in advance!!! 



Dear All,

I am plotting the following function using implicitplot command.:

plots[implicitplot3d]((17.31626331*M^3-(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2)*(1.082266457-2*M)*(1.082266457-3*M))^2 = 4.598621420*(z[1]+z[2])^2*M*(1.082266457-2*M)^3*(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2), M = 0 .. 1, z[1] = 0 .. 10, z[2] = -10 .. 0);

How can I extract data points from the plot obtained

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