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Hi everybody,

I want to solve numerically an ode and I get this error (undocumented on the maplesoft web site

Error, (in sol) maximum number of event iterations reached (100) at t=2.6610663

I understand where this error can come from but the help pages don't say anything to fix this.
There is some stuff about round-off that could help but I don't understand how to use it.

I would be grateful if you provide me some help.
Thanks in advance





Hope everyone is fine. In attached file I solved system of equations. But the solution like this 


But I want the solution like


Please see the attachment and fix my problem


I am facing to eliminate diff(p(x, y), y, x) from Eq1 and Eq2. My procedure is given below:

Eq1 := 2*rho[nf]*a^2*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))*(diff(f(eta), eta))/h+rho[nf]*sqrt(nu[f])*(diff(f(eta), eta))*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))/h^2+rho[nf]*sqrt(nu[f])*f(eta)*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta, eta))/h^2+2*rho[nf]*omega[0]*a*x*(diff(g(eta), eta))/h = -(diff(p(x, y), y, x))+mu[nf]*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta, eta, eta))/h^3-sigma[nf]*B[0]^2*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))/h;

Eq2 := 0 = -(diff(p(x, y), y, x));

eliminate({Eq1, Eq2}, diff(p(x, y), y, x));


I want to graw following points (u[i,j], i=0..M,j=0..N) obtained in Sol[i] in 3D where i takes along x-axes, j y-axis and u along z axes. I also want the style of point plot as surface. Same do for v and w. I am waiting your response, Thanks


I want to draw the graphs of the attached system of PDEs for different values of M in 3D please fix my problem. I am waiting your positive response.


I want to ask how to run multiple program at a time in maple? I am waiting your positive response. 


I draw multiple graphs in singal coordinate with same line style. I don't know how to change the line style and color for g[1], g[2] and g[3] becuase of loop. Please some fix my problem to give them different style and color.

Dear all!

I am facing problem to find the solution of system of linear equations as attached for different values of alpha, please the see the attachment and fix my problem

Thanks in advance

Anybody know how to compute coding for eigenvalues for basic reproduction number using the next generation matrix?

I dont know how to compute coding for eigenvalues.

Dear all!

Hope everyone is fine with everything! I want to simplify the following expression

diff(u(y, t), t) = (A^2/nu)^(1/3)*nu*(diff(u(y, t), y, y))/(A/nu^2)^(2/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*sigma*B^2*u(y, t)/rho+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*q2[w]*sqrt(nu^2/A)*T(y, t)/((nu*A)^(1/3)*k)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*T[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*V[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C(y, t)/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)

I above the red terms need to simplify i.e., we can add the power of A, nu etc. But maple can't do that please fix my problem. For more detail I attach my maple file.



Hope you all are fine. I am stuck to find the integration in the attachment. Please see that put your valuable suggestion to fix my problem. Thanks in advance

Dear all!

Hope everything going fine. I want to transfrom the derivative diff(u, y) into diff(U, Y) as disscussed in attached file. Please see the attachment and fix the problem. Thanks in advance

How can i find the smallest n such that

using maple 2015?

I've tried using the solve command however this doesnt return a numerical value, any help would be great :)

the final value of an equation is displayed in the form of combination of many values like following


I prefer to display it identically just an absolute value like 5.66

please help me how do that

Question:I've defined wave, but it's after that it gets sticky. This is my attempt:As you can see, not very fruitful. I have tried wave(x=-infinity..infinity, t=-infinity, infinity) which returns an error. 

When i sub in wave(1,1) i get an answer, or any other number for that matter, but I'm not sure how to actually aswer this question. 

Any and all help appreciated

Thank you

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