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I want to plot y=sec(x) and x=-pi/4, x= pi/4. I also want the bounded region shaded. I have been able to graph sec(x) but I can't figure out how to get the two vertical lines and the bounded region shaded.

I'm having problems with Multiplying Complex Numbers in Maple 2019.

Thanks in Advance.

Example 2: Multiplying Complex Numbers

















How I can plot the answers obtained from solving two differential equations?



e := 0.62e-2



r := 0.15e-1



DDo2 := .17*3600



DDco2 := .12*3600




N := 20



P1o2 := 3600*(1000*(27*10^(-13)*24.45)*100)/(10000*0.986923267e-2)



P1co2 := 3600*(1000*(99*10^(-13)*24.45)*100)/(10000*0.986923267e-2)



P2o2 := Pi*r^2*DDo2*N/(e+r)



P2co2 := Pi*r^2*DDco2*N/(e+r)



diff(y[o2](t), t) = ((P1o2+P2o2)*(21-y[o2](t))-100*(167*y[o2](t)/(1.6+y[o2](t))*.25))*(1/1300)

diff(y[o2](t), t) = 6.592560841-.3139314686*y[o2](t)-3.211538462*y[o2](t)/(1.6+y[o2](t))


diff(y[co2](t), t) = ((P1co2+P2co2)*(0.4e-1-y*y[co2](t))+.25*(.8*(167*y*y[co2](t)/(1.6+y*y[co2](t))))*100)*(1/1300)

diff(y[co2](t), t) = 0.8863969285e-2-.2215992321*y*y[co2](t)+2.569230769*y*y[co2](t)/(1.6+y*y[co2](t))


                 initial*conditional     @t=0     yO2=21 , yco2=0.04




Hello, so my maple won't solve any function involving either cos, tan or sin. Has anyone experienced this before or know how to fix it? 

For example i need to find: cos(30), but it comes up as cos(30) after I hit enter. 


Many thanks to anyone who tries to help! :)

how I can I get MAPLe to simplify this to Pi/2-beta ,

simplify(arctan(sin(beta)/cos(beta)),arctrig) assuming beta<Pi/2,beta>0;

simplify(arctan(sin(beta)/cos(beta)),symbolic) assuming beta<Pi/2,beta>0;

why i can't get Pi/2-beta

I found a previous post which contained a worksheet script for creating help, but this example is likely out-of-date. Can anyone provide a similar example for post-2018 help files to save me considerable trial and error.

Hi, I am a beginner of maple and I met a problem recently.

I extracted some equations from a .txt file like below:

> read “D:/blablabla/filename”


Then I want to collect all these equations to make a list EQlist=[EQ_1,EQ_2,...] but the following code doesn't work:

> EQlist:=read “D:/blablabla/filename”

Error, invalid assignment

Could anyone tell me how to construct such EQlist?

Thank you in advance.  P.S. I can't just copy and paste because these commands are supposed to be in a loop.

Is this a bug?



I think the way I applied it above is a bit unorthodox to Maple but maybe it is a bug.  Normally I think we use unapply in this situation. 


Okay better, but I think that first way should work no?


I am trying to isolate theta/V in this equation, but Maple will only allow me to solve for either theta or V. Is there a way to make Maple solve for the expression instead of the variable?

I have attached the Maple document below. It contains some other stuff but it is mostly this equation I am interested in. It can be found near the bottom. I hope someone can help.

Best regards


DEplot(diff(y(t), t$2)-3*(diff(y(t), t))+2*y(t) = exp(t), [[y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 2]], stepsize = .1, linecolor = black, thickness = 2);



I'm trying to change with a Maple Worksheet the parameters of a MapleSim Model in Real-matrices format.

is there any way to do that?

actually i get the failure note:

<<Error, (in SetParameters) non-vectorized values in vector parameters: [list= ""]>>


Thank You


Hello everyone,

I'm studying an equation with three variables similar to the following:


Now, I would like to obtain the numeric values of x associated to (y, z) that are free to assume any integer value within the intervals [-1...5] and [0...5] respectively. Thus, I should get 42 values of x overall. The question is very similar to the one asked here: but in my case I would like to obtain all the 42 values of x (included undefined solutions) associated to the sets (y,z), possibly arranged in a 42x3 matrix where the columns are the variables (x,y,z) and the rows the values (x,y,z) that satisfy the equation.

I started to tackle the problem using a for loop:

for y from -1 by 1 to 5 do

    for z from 0 by 1 to 5 do

        eq:= fsolve(x*y + z, x);

    end do;

end do;



But it returns only one value: -1.000. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

I'm trying to plot this integral but without success. Could someone help me?  I tried it the following way.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Why on earth is Maple giving me all these solutions compared to last year??

Last year:


Hi all;

I hope all is well with you.

I am regular user of Maple for 7 years. I just reinstalled it to a new version, Maple 2019.

After installation, which was very smooth and without any unexpected problem, I opened a new document and entered a simple task; “sqrt(4);” the answer was

1.81847767202745*10^(-58) + (7.53238114626421*10^(-59))*I

I am pretty sure that I am missing something. The answer is obviously incorrect and there is a problem, but where.

I would be thankful if someone could help me with this issue.




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