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Hi MaplePrimes team,


I want to create two 3d surfaces with plot3d command in Maple, one of which represents a light-emitting diode (LED).

For that, my idea is simple: Just to disable the shade on a specific surface (representing the LED-like) among other surface. So, whatever the direction of the light, the LED surface keeps a constant luminosity.

Unfortunately, the glossiness = 0 option is still dependent of light direction.

I looked at all the options for plot3d and display commands, but I couldn't find anything for disable light on special surface.

Maybe in PLOT3D command?


If not, is there an option to add a second light source?


Simple example I would like create:

- 1. A surface with regular light:

BALL := plot3d(<cos(t)*cos(s), cos(t)*sin(s), sin(t)>, s = 0..2*Pi, t =-Pi/2..Pi/2, color = "Blue"):


- 2. An illuminated surface representing the LED:

LED := plot3d((<2 + cos(t)*cos(s), cos(t)*sin(s), sin(t)>, s = 0..2*Pi, t =-Pi/2..Pi/2, color = "Yellow", What option to insert?):


Then, the assembly will give:

display(BALL, LED);


My Advanced Applications Tests in Maple

Figure 1: Aisle LED light and LED-screens of first-class seats in an illuminated cabin on board of an aircraft.


Figure 2: Here is the problem in the darkness. The aisle LED light and LED-screen must be stay constantly illuminated for any direction of light.



To better understand my objectives, here is another image using lights. Note that the LEDs (pale yellow strip shapes) stay constantly illuminated whatever the daylight and therefore allowing the aircraft to be visible.


Figure 3: Exterior lighting systems and dazzling jet engine afterburner of a military transport aircraft concept.


Thank you for your time.





I need to get more tickmarks in my plots by reducing the size of fractions produced by Maple.
For example, instead of (3*Pi)/10, Maple gives me (3/10)*Pi. Any help would be appreciated.
I can actually convert all there Maple numbers to fractions, but Maple will not accept these conversions as tickmarks.
Thank you.

I need tto change the color of a word or a math expression inside the title of a Maple plot.
For example, I need to have sin(x) in red in this axes plot:

AX:=plot([[x,0,x=0..Pi],[0,y,y=0..1]],color=black,thickness=3,title=typeset("\nLeft Riemann Sum for the Function:\n",sin(x), "on the interval ", [0,Pi]\n),titlefont=["Arial",25]):

How do I do it?

Thank you!


I'm practicing with matrices in Maple, but I have a question. My question is, how do I set up the differential equation system on matrix form x '(t) = Ax (t) + B?

Here are the equations:

x'1(t) = x1(t) - x2(t) - 3

x'2(t) = 12x1(t) - 8x2(t) + 4


I've been looking around for some help sources, but the only one I could find is this. I tried to set it up like that, but didn't work, it gave me an error.

How should I set it up (using Maple commands)?

In this worksheet, how do the several successful plot commands evaluate the complex expression being plotted, and why do the unsuccessful plot commands fail to do so?

I am trying to do the integration on the picture (int1). V,omega,theta,rhotræ,ix,iy,ixy,E,R are constants. a(r),å(r),FL(r),FD(r) are splines. It seems to run forever without any error. I have tried a simpler version to figure out if the problem has to do with the splines or the arctan. They can run independently but not when combined. (int2). I use an i7 6700k. I am fine with an aproximated answer within a couple %.  


How do I solve a equation ln in




When doing chemistry in Maple, I want to be able to do my calculations with units.

Maple does not support the unit [M] (molar concentration), so I have to manually type the unit as [mol/L].


That is not a problem in itself, but I have encountered som issues with Maple's own formatting of the units.

For example, in the attached document I want the output unit to be (mol/L)^(-2). However, Maple automatically formats it as (L^2)/(mol^2)

It even does the same thing in the "Maple Math" here on MaplePrimes - Here I try to type (mol/L)^(-2): (mol/L)^(-2)


So does anyone know a way to avoid Maple's auto-formatting of the output, or is there a way to customize it so I get my desired output?


I have attached the document with some screenshots in it:


// Frederik

I am investigating the history of scales and temperament in western music. I would like to be able to play a tone of a given frequency in Maple, and then a sequence of tones to make a scale, and then a collection of tones to make a chord. I found the Play command  in the online help screen for Audio Tools, but can't make it work. I don't get an error message, but neither do I get a sound. 

I have the following equations and plot in Maple, but I would like for Maple to only consider positive values of k, but I cannot find a way to do this as k is dependent on x. Is there any way to do this either in the code for k, or in the code for the plot?






Im having trouble fully opening the contents of my maple file. Only half of the doucment is showing up.

I get the following message: "There were problems during the loading process, Your worksheet may be incomplete."

There is also no bak. file available. 

Can anyone please help?


I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this issue, everytime I try to export my work as a .pdf file the program freezes up and I have to shut it off using task manager.

I have Maple 2020 installed in addition to Maple-Gym.

I've noticed after a creating a few documents that when save such documents as PDFs on my Mac, the drawing elements in my drawings are misalgined. Is this just a bug or is there a way to prevent this?  I've attached screenshots of the correct drawign in a document and what the result is in a pdf.

Dear Maple community,

I'm trying to calculate a Steady State Vector of the attached matrix using this Maple routine, but, unfortunately, don't get any solution even after a 30 min calculation on a 64Gb machine. Am I doing something wrong and, if so, could you please give me a hand how to conduct this calculation? Thanks!

Hello all,

at the beginning of my document I need to assign a value to my variable, for example 0.4, so I can calculate a number of material pararamters for this exact value. At the end I want to include a plot that demonstrates the material behaviour for the variable ranging from 0 to 1. 

However, I have found that I can not plot a graph if I have assigned a value to that variable before. The "unassign" command sadly does not work. 

I am a beginner in Maple so i am probably missing something obvious, but I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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