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I have a questing about using Maple document components, such as a plotter, a slider and a Math expression to display my own function that is inserted via Math Expression component. The inserted function (of variable x) is multiply by parametr a and then is displayed in Plotter0. Situation in Maple document is displayed in the following figure The code of Slider0 components is the folowing: a:=GetProperty( 'Slider0', 'value'); b:=MathML[Import](GetProperty('MathContainer0', 'value')); SetProperty( 'Plot0', 'value', plot(a*b,x=-5..5) ); When my function is a polynom and it is not included any other function such as sin, cos, etc., everything workes correctly. But when I try to display e.g. sin(x) it does not worked - it is an empty plot or the other message is generated. I think that it is because of Import function is not able to evaluate it correctly. Could you help me,please? Thank you Vladimir

Hi, Is there an easy way to convert Matlab or C code to something that Maple can use? I know CodeGeneration in Maple can go the other way, but can't import into Maple. Thanks! Andy
Hi, I'm new to maple and I would like to draw a plot of a time-dependent 2D Vectorfield and some trajectories: 1. I have the field udep := (x, y, t) -> cos(t)*x - sin(t)* (-y); vdep := (x, y, t) -> sin(t)*x + cos(t)* (-y); it looks like this: 2. now i would like to draw a trajectory T that has at every point a tangent parallel to the field (to show the path of a massless particle inside this field)
Hi, Separation of variables has been driving me nuts again, By applying the method of separation of variables solve: ux + uy =0 Separate the variables: fp1 := diff(u(x, y), x) = -(diff(u(x, y), y)); pdsolve(fp1, u(x, y)); u(x, y) = _F1(y - x) is this the correct solution? u(x,y):= _F1(y-x) If it is, what is the _F1? If it is not the solution can someone explain the correct solution to me? Regards malt
I would expect, that evalhf works for that without 'manual' translation ...


  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 10.06, Windows, Oct 2 2006 Build ID 255401

tst1:=proc(a,z) (-z)^(-a); end proc:
evalhf(tst1(1.5, 2.5));

  Error, fractional power of a negative

'(-z)^(-a)': '%'= convert(%,exp);
tst2:=proc(a,z) exp(-a*ln(-z)); end proc:
evalhf(tst2(1.5, 2.5));

                      (-z)     = exp(-ln(-z) a)

          0.155662521299999988 10   + 0.252982212799999995 I
I wonder if someone could help explain to me how to use Matrix equations. Suppose A is a 3x3 matrix of constants, b a 3 vector of variables (x,y,z) and c a 3 vector of constants. The equation A.b = c is really 3 equations in x y z. Is it possible to extract those equations from the matrix equation A.b = c? I explain my question more clearly in the uploaded worksheet. Thanks The link can be found in the File Manager Vie
I have a text file, named Gens.txt, in the followig format Heading1 : This is first line Heading2 : This is second line Heading3 : This is third line I want to write a code which does the following: 1. Reads a line from this file and substitutes the number of prefix spaces at the start of line and followed by #. 2. The portion after : is made uniform in terms of spaces i.e. each word is followed by only one space. 3. The line thus produced is to be written to a text file named GensByMaple.txt. For example the first two lines would become like the following:
There is a discontinuity at 0, but discont gives no answer: discont(1/sin(abs(x)),x); Any idea?
How can one solve this simple inequality with Maple? I've tried : solve(sin(x)>0,x); and Maple gives no solution.
Has someone encountered a message from maple "A problem was encountered during the save. The output file may be incomplete." This happens to me several times. While editing a maple code and saving the changes, the message pops up. True enough, when the file is reopened most of the code is gone. Even the original file that works before is now unusable. Turning off the autosave as suggested by t/s does not work. Saving the with another name does not work. Appreciate assistance from anyone. thanks P.M. Velez
hi; I'm written program of composite midpoint in this general form: int(f(x),x=a..b)=2*h*(sum(f(x[2i]); h=(b-a)/(2m+2) the function is: f(x)=1/(2+x^4); a=0; b=1; and all the given inside the program and I wretten the program but i have problem , Iwant compare between the approximate vales and the exact value this is the program: (doing in maple9.5)>> > restart; > f:=x->1/(2+x^4): a:=0: b:=1: > EI:=int(f(x),x=a..b): > EI:=evalf(EI); > for k from 1 to 3 do > n:=2^k*10: > h:=(b-a)/(n+2): > m:=n/2: s:=0: end do; > for i from 1 by 2 to n do > x:=a+(i-1)*h: > s:=s+f(x): > I(k):=2*h*s:
Hi everybody!! I'm looking to solve the roots of the following polynomial: Rootof(9*Z^4+(-12*x[1]+36)*Z^3+(33-72*x[1]-6*x[1]^2+L^2)*Z^2 +(-2*L^2*x[1]+36*x[1]^2+12*x[1]^3-66*x[1])*Z-3+33*x[1]^2-3*x[1]^4+L^2*x[1]^2) where x[1] and L are constant terms. Is there a analytical solution, knowing that I'm working in real domain with Z between ]-3/2,3/2], x[1]>Z, x[1] between [-3/2,3/2[, and 0<>
Its common in textbooks when dealing with the subject of transformation of coordinate systems to used primed coordinates, e.g. x' y' x'. MAPLE tends to interpret primes as derivatives. Is there any way to tell MAPLE that these primes represent different variables, not derivatives?
Hello, I have written a long Module with around 30 procedures (in Linux RedHat, Maple 10.03) it becomes cumbersome to write and edit it, especially everytime I modifie something, because the Java environment takes a long time to display when the execution group is so big. Is there a way to break a module into smaller pieces? Maybe call sub-modules written elsewhere? Thannk you for your help, Al.
Is it possible to define sequences or lists etc with units?? t:= (seq(100[s]..2000[s],100[s])); and t:=seq(100[s],200[s],300[s]); flag an error. if not is it possible to define the sequence, how can you append the units after a calculation. I want to perform the same calculation using units w/ one of the parameters varying to produces a list of calculated outputs all w/ units. Possible? Easy? e.g. v=d/t simple enough. well how can I generate a series of outputs from the above time sequences at a fixed distance d that spits out the velocities with units of m/s? Thanks,
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