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i'm solving an expression with the result being a range of the type RealRange.

e.g. RealRange(Open(-1.345464), Open(4.5343535))

How can i substract the max element Open(4.5343535) as real from that range.

Many thanks,




this is probably a silly problem but I really didn't find any command for it.

Suppose I have a matrix and I want to remove some rows and columns to consider a smaller matrix within it. Is there a nice way to do it?  This is what I came up with:



A := Matrix(3, 3, [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], [7, 8, 9]]);


temp := <(Column(A, 2)| Column(A, 3))>; result := <Row(temp, 2), Row(temp, 3))>;


Surely there is a better way to do this?

When inserting standard math into a text region, Maple insists on converting even simple decimals like 0.01 into scientific notation.  Can I suppress that?


hi all,

i am quite an unexperience user so the solution to my problem might be obvious to you... i googled for a while and couldn't find anything regarding this matter.  i just want all my plots with maple to use the exponential notation on the y-axis. from what i've observed maple does that when values are on the E-6 regime or smaller, greater numbers are just written out which looks just ridiculous (e.g. .0005 -  i want 5x10^E-4). so is there a way to fix this, set some parameter that would force maple to use the exponential notation from earlier on?

Dear all,

I have used Maple to solve a system of equations. The result involves the variable _S01. Does that denote any (real?) number? What's the difference between _S01 and _Z01?

Thanks in advance

I need to create a magic square of order n=4 using a Matrix.

I have tried many linear equations system. Got me nowhere so far.

Hello! I have a problem in Maple 11 when I try to plot some functions in log log scales. It seems that maple doesn't calculate enough points for low x values because it draws curves with elbows even if they are differentiable. And the curves have very weird comportement for a sum of exponential... I tried to do it mannually (takin the log of the function and replace x by 10^x) but it's no better. It would certainly be clearer if you could see what I am talking about: is there a way I could attach my workwheet (or a screen shot) to the message? Thanks
I'm having a problem with the palettes on Maple 12. Some of the fonts for the symbols are small, while others are large. For example, my integral symbol is about size 12 font, while my definite integral symbol is roughly size 18 font. Any suggestions on a fix? I'm running Maple 12 academic version on a Macbook Pro with Leopard. Here's a screenshot so you can see what it looks like. The font is way too big, any way I can make it smaller?

I have a small problem.
I'd like to plot 2 functions in a graph and be able to hide a function for a particular part of the graph.

The functions are:

f:=t->3*t-t^2 and g:=t->2*t
When i plot these functions, I would like to hide the function f(t) for f(t)<1 and I'd like to hide g(t) for g(t)>1.

How can this be accomplished?

Thanks in advance!




I use a loop to fit a model to several different datasets, loading and storing for each dataset several matrices and graphs. It seems that the calculations get slower and slower the more the loop progresses and sometimes the run just crashes. I assume this is due to the large amount of data stored in Maple's memory. Is there a way to empty the memory after I've exported or saved the matrices or graphs?

Thanks, Marjet

Hi there ! The attached worksheet has a good review on the theory of determining volumes of solids through the method called "volume by revolution". You can also view an interactive video that shows you how to use Maple's powerful Volume by Revolution tutor that will help you with your homework.

(Ctrl + click on link)

Video Tutorial: Volume by Revolution


Please feel free to ask questions.

Does anybody happen to know how to get maple to do something of this form:


I get the error message "Error, (in fsolve) t is in the equation, and is not solved for" .


Is that a bug?

For example, a simple expression like so ...


solve (a,x);  will return solve (b=3*x+5,x)   Not exactly what one was looking for.  Removing the space, solve(a,x) and now it will work exactly like you wanted it to. 

I can't recall wether I read somewhere that spaces weren't allowed.  That true?  Or do they need to brush up on the next update?



Hi all,

I have the following:

This weekend was reunion weekend for me. On Saturday I made the return journey to my alma mater, the University of Waterloo (i.e. I walked 10 minutes to the campus from my house), for the 20th reunion of my Engineering Class of 1988. Among the various events and activities, I had the pleasure of having a sitdown chat with Professor Peter H. O’N. Roe, retired professor of Systems Design Engineering (my undergrad department) at the University.

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