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Hello, I have an equation: y^2=4x^2 (My equation is more complicated. This is just an example) I want to define a function: f(x) = y1 - y2, where y1 and y2 are the roots of the equation in a descending order and then to plot f(x). I tried to do it as follows: S := (x) -> sort([solve(y^2 = 4*x^2, y)],`>`) C := (x) -> S(x)[1]-S(x)[2] plot(C(x), x = 0 .. 5) and I had an error "Error, (in S) invalid arguments to sort" When I remove the `>` option in "sort" it works.

Hi all,

I have been asked how a calculator works to calculate say exp(5) and did Maple use the same scheme.  I am sure it's a question of series but I am sure it's not a power series.  The question seemes stupid and I am ashamed for not knowing it but that's life.



Dear all

Can anyone suggest how the following code could run faster?


I've got an array A (size 20x3) whose elelments are plots




If I display(A); it prints very nicely to the screen. But when I try to print the plots on a row are all squashed up without being scaled equally in x and y and only the rows that can fit on a single page are plotted. I can export if as a gif file but thats a bit clunky. Is there no way to print directly from maple without it looking a mess?



Hi. I have some doubts about how to optimize a fortran very complicated output. I have an array called "stampa" that contain high order derivatives(very long expression). I create a fortran soubroutine for "stampa" with CodeGeneration with the following commands:

Fortran(%, optimize,defaulttype=numeric,deducetypes=false);

I have the following problems or doubts,:

I have a list of plots that I animate using dispaly command. I would like to know if it's possible to control the frame rate (fps) with a command, rather than having to use the GUI to set it every time I evaluate the worksheet. Any one know how to do this? Thanks.

Best regards!





I have a function i want to plot on the interval 0..15. The function takes the trunc of the input but when I plot I don't actually get 16 individual plots, I get 'mini clusters'. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks

Dear Maple experts,

I'm trying to make use of Maple's external calling facility to speed up some bottlenecks in my calculations (and simply to learn how it works...).

As I frequently need complex numbers, Fortran looked like the more appropriate choice. This is mainly because Maple can help with generating small code snippets for complex-valued functions whereas the code generation for C/C++ requires more manual work...

Although my calculations are somehow complicated, I don't think that's normal so I finally stoped it.

What are possible solutions? or shall I give it more time?!

Let be q(x) some polynomial of degree = 2 in several, n variables x[i],
x to be thought as (row) vector

Can Maple provide the quadratic normalform for q (real resp. complex)?

By this it is meant that q ° f (x) equals one of

  Sum( c[i]*x[i], i=1..n)
  Sum( c[i]*x[i], i=1..n) + 1
  Sum( c[i]*x[i], i=1..n) + x[n+1]

where c[i] in K, K = Reals or Complex (should not matter so much, except
char(K), and square roots have to exist, so Rationals(squareRoots) is fine),
and f: K^n -> K^n is affine ( = bijective and linear + shift vector)?

<p>I have a 1-dimensional list in the form of  data := [1,2,3,4...]. There are 5000 elements in this list, and only about 2000 don't repeat anywhere else in the list, the other 3000 do. What I want to do, is plot the number of times a given element repeats vs what that element is. For example, if an element with the value 5 is repeated 12 times in the list, than I want 5 on the x-axis, and 12 on the y axis. </p>
<p>I am using Maple 11. Can anyone help?? Thanks!</p>

As the discussion in this thread  did not provide me a clear understanding of the implementation and intended usage of the property 'continuous' I have looked at this subject a bit further. And as it is an underdocumented subject, it seems fit to post here some issues that I have found.

Hi all,

I  have problem about translate from maple to C Language. I do project about cryptography, now I can write command in Maple. I don't know how to translate to C language

How should i do?

Anser me please.

Thank you so much.

Hi all,

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