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Here's a first working shot at an external, programmatic mechanism for opening .mw worksheets/Documents as new tabs in an already running Maple Standard GUI session.

This involves a `sh` shell script, runnable in Unix/Linux/OSX/cygwin. Maybe someone could post a MS-Windows .bat batch file equivalent.

The basic idea is this: you have a GUI session open. But you want to be able to open other .mw files in that session without having to go through the GUI's File->Open menu every time ...




Hey there,


the attached worksheet shows you how to master definite integrals using special tools that help you determine the pattern between antiderivatives and the area under a curve.

You can also view the examples done in an interactive video:

(Ctrl+click on link)

Indefinite Integrals - Video Tutorial


The attached worksheet gives you a brief review and shows you how to use Maple to solve and better understand the area between curves. You can also view the examples through an interactive video tutorial:

(Ctrl + click on link below)

Video Tutorial: Area between Curves


Please feel free to shoot questions at me!

How do I define an expression?

I have a system of two ODE's. One is of the form dT/dt=a*(dc/dt)-b, where a and b are constants. The other is of the form dc/dt=-(c^2)*d*exp(j*(1/T-1/k)), where d,j, and k are constants. I need to find the maximum value for T. I can solve dT/dt via the separation of variables method to get and expression T=f(c,t). I then substituted this expression into dc/dt=f(c(t),t) and solved it numerically in Maple. How do I substitute the values of c(t) obtained in Maple into T=f(c,t) and find the maximum? Or is there a better method?

I'm trying to use Maple to solve an ODE instead of using partial fractions.  I can't get the syntax correct.  The original problem is...


dC = C(1-0.0002C)dt        C(0) = 2   for t >0


I know it's seperable into

         dC             = dt



I can't get anywhere to find an explicit form!  Any help is appreciated :D

I want to open a file, in maple.  I do not want to open maple, and then open the file. 

More specifically, how do I

a) run something like:

maple -x -f

so that xmaple starts and opens directly to the file  Ideally if xmaple is already running, it will hopefully just spawn a new tab.

b) set this up as a "Preferred application" in Fedora and in Ubuntu.

I think a) may solve b).


How could I obtain the 2 values (a, b are reals) of this complex number?

I tried



sqrt(a+i b)    and     (a+i b)^(1/2)  give back the input.

Thanks,             Sandor

Given several poins and a known center, how do I approximate a circle with an unknown radius with Maple?

I am totaly new using this software, so I don't know how to start.

Thank you for your help!!

I have the equation of a sphere x^2+y^2+z^2 = 36 and two points in three space P(-3,-10,2) and Q(5,14,8) and I need to show that the line between the points intersects the sphere graphically and analytically, but I cant even figure out how to graph them, and I have a suspicion, but am not sure, that to prove it analytically I would find the equation of the line in three space between the points and prove that the line equals the equation of the sphere in two places, but I cant figure out how to find that equation either.

Each line in my data file reads

[elm1, elm2, elm3, elm4]

I have the following lines to tally column 1:

> data:= map2(op, 1, datafile);

> Statistics[Tally](data);

I would like to tally the 3-tuples, [elm1,elm2,elm3], and it doesn't seem that Tally is able to handle a 3-tuple. 

I appreciate any help you can offer.



I have an equation given by

( 15.3*r_1 - 0.6 + 5.7 * r_2 ) / ( 21.0*r_1 - 3.1 + 84.8*r_2 )

what command do I use to collect r_1 and r_2 so i get

(r_1 + r_2 ) * ...... -.....    /   (r_1 + r_2) *....... - ......


if I have a equation

( 15,3440 * r_1 - 0.6329 + 5.7540 * r_2  )   / 

( 21.0981 * r_1 - 3.1780 + 84.8348 *r_2 )

How do I solve for r_1 and r_2 ?

The solutions should be r_1=0.175 and r_2=0.055

Hi all! I have such an issue: I have a set of non-linear expressions with two variables, right now I am trying to create a plot: {0 = -(1/345)*(-28704*b*a-11224*b*a^2)/a, 0

I've got a really serious problem about maple 12.It happened after I installed maple 12 software. The installation was successful,i activated the software successfully as well,but when i want to run the program.. the error message pop up... it said that "could not create java virtual machine".
I've tried everything i can to deal with this problem like restart the system,re-download and re-install the software,even re-install the java... which all turned out to be failed.I'm really looking forward to your help.

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