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Hi! I am new! I can't integrate this... could u help me? (exp(-1/2*(ln(y)-(x*b+2))^2/(sigma^2*(x^2+1)))/(y*sigma*sqrt(2*Pi*(x^2+1))))*(2-1.666666667*x), x=0.6..1.2, y=3.6..4.5
Can any one of you help me to solve the question below? Please... Question: Find non-negative integers solutions that satisfy the following conditions: Given: p,k,h,a,b,c are integers. The conditions are: (1) a+b+c=k*h-h-h*h+1 (2) (p-k+h)*(p-h-1)*(p-1)-(p-k)*(p-2)*(p)=a*(p-1)+b*(p-h-1)+c*(p-k+h) (3) h>=1 (4) h
Hello All!
When using Maple 10 Classic Worksheet, the mouse sensitivity goes up tremendously, making it really annoying to work with. The sensitivity is only increased in the Maple window when it's activated. I only have this problem with Classic Worksheet, but it's the 'version' I use. Is there any workaround for this? Like some sort of registry fix?
I'm using a Logitech Mx500, by the way.
Any help is really appreciated!
it took some time, a little help by this forum and the excellent maplesoft-support, but here is how it worked on my SuSE 10.1: As root: -Create a directory and copy your installation files into it, i.e. from the delivered CD -The trick is to edit the installer script with binary mode vim (using the -b flag: vim -b LinuxInstaller.bin) -Then scroll down to the first instance of "export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL" and replace the 'e' in 'export' with '#'. This comments out the line and evidently leaves the installer size intact so those compression errors are bypassed -Save and quit the file As your maple-user:
Hi, I have a very problematic question. I have a Matrix (100 x 100) that contains complex numbers express as symbols. The numbers derive from several operations. I want evaluate the Real part of the complex numbers for successive calculus but the software show a memory problem. How can I do? I have a P4 with 2GB of memory. I use the function: map(Re,matrix); Thanks
Greetings! I plot a 2D standard figure in Maple 10. I select the figure, right-click it and choose "Export as". The file format I want is Encapsulated PostScript files (.eps), which is one of the alternatives. I save the figure as an .eps file in a map. Everything works fine until I import the file in Scientific Word. The figure is imported all right, but has been rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. I do not know how to rotate it back. I know there is a package in SW that enables rotating, but I can't get it to work. Is there something I can do in Maple to correct the problem? Is it a common problem for other users and how do you solve it?
Hello, I'm trying to make a wrapper procedure that will launch an external program with some dynamic arguments. To do this I created a proc and used the launch command from the process package. My procedure seems to be syntactically correct, but when I run it all it does is echo the procedure code. Since nothing was working I have created a simplified procedure that simply tries to launch Notepad. Instead of launching notepad it just echos out the source of the procedure: My definition of the procedure RunNotepad: > RunNotepad() := proc() > use process in > launch("notepad.exe");
Hi, It's quite easy to find the eigenvalues of a matrix, but is there a function to find the dominant eigenvalue ?
when expanding an expression like (x+1)^7*(x-2)^9, how do arrange the terms by increasing/decreasing degree? ie ax^16+bx^15+cx^14+...
Is there a way to create periodic piecewise functions in Maple 10 for use in solving differential equations with periodic forcing functions?
I have a large program I have been writing using Maple 10 classic. The heart of the prgram is a large iterative loop that spits out various data as it converges on a solution. My problem is that I would like to see certain data and suppress other output. I accordingly assign a colon and semi-colon to the respective lines. But wether Maple actually displays what I want of not seems random. The screen is flooded with unwanted interim data, and only select desired output gets through. Is there some rule with what Maple outputs if its in an iterative or nested iterative loop?
Hello, everyone! I have a very nice, very sparse linear system (only containing 1s and -1s, with at most 2 entries per column). Thus, I immediately thought to take advantage the SparseIterative (or SparseDirect) methods associated with LinearAlgebra,LinearSolve, but alas, it isn't quite working. This is what I loosely do: gen_linear_system := proc(... some parameters ...) ... ls_m := Matrix(len, total_var, datatype='integer[1]', storage='sparse'); ... (fill matrix with appropriate 1s and -1s) return ls_m; end proc; solve_linear_system := proc(system_matrix::Matrix)
hi! I want to do maplet application that fourier series calculate given funtions how do I? thank you...
Hi, Folks: I have two implicit functions (hyperboloid): sqrt((x-28)^2+(y-2)^2+(z-2)^2)-sqrt((x-20)^2+(y+20)^2+(z-6)^2) = 2 sqrt((x+15)^2+(y-2)^2+(z-2)^2)-sqrt((x-20)^2+(y+20)^2+(z-6)^2) = 10 I am able to plot these two functions through display3d, but right now I want to plot the intersection line. Anybody has comments or suggestions? Thanks a lot, James
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