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Hire There: I am trying to make a contourplot animation of the function u(x,y,t)=exp(-Pi*Pi*t)*sin(2*Pi*x)*sin(2*Pi*y),defined in [0,1]X[0,1] I tried this a := proc (t) densityplot(proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; exp((-1)*Pi*Pi*t)*sin(2*Pi*x)*sin(2*Pi*y) end proc, 0 .. 1, 0 .. 1, axes = frame, style = PATCHNOGRID, colorstyle = HUE, numpoints = 6400) end proc display(seq(a(t), t = 0 .. 1), insequence = true, axes = framed); but it seems that it is not working I really appreciate your help
Can anybody tell me, How to use Dirac Matrices (Direct products of Pauli Matrices) in Maple?
This book entry describes a method, using text files and preprocessor macros, to measure the timing and memory usage of Maple procedures. Attached are the source code and compiled library for a small Maple package that does the actual measurements.
I would like to define J=(y1-y10)^2+(y2-Y20)^2+k*(u1)^2+k*(u2)^2 where y1 is a function of u1 and u2 y2 is a function of u1 and u2 then I need to diff(J,u1), diff(J,u1,u2) Thank you for your support Don
Hi guys, I am trying to integrate the following expression: u_ratio:=(4/omega_star)*(sin(omega*t)-(exp(-B)/sqrt(r_star))*sin(omega*t-B)); where omega_star:=omega*r0^2/nu; r_star:=r/r0; B:=(1-r_star)*(sqrt(omega_star/2)); I would like to obtain integral of u_ratio with respect to r_star, and separately the integral of u_ratio over one period. When i try to use something like int(u_ratio,r_star) in only get back a large expression with an integral symbol still in it. What would be the best way to approach integrating this guy? Thanks, Randy
How to finding alpha(n) of this system equation finding alpha(n) whan n=1..3 cos(alpha(1))+cos(alpha(2))+cos(alpha(3))=3*pi/4; cos(5*alpha(1))+cos(5*alpha(2))+cos(5*alpha(3))=0; cos(7*alpha(1))+cos(7*alpha(2))+cos(7*alpha(3))=0; so.. i am basic maple user.herry herry.
After some experimenting I found that using AXESTICKS forced the use of POINTS (more or less) and PLOT. The problem is that I would like to draw a line instead of points.
I am trying to generate normal probability plots to be used for comparing different cases.

First time posting here, hoping to find some help, and I may try to help others. I have a set of 8 equations. Each of the 8 equations are in terms of two variables. For example: x1 = f1(theta1, theta2) x2 = f2(theta1, theta2) x3 = f3(theta1, theta2) x4 = f4(theta1, theta2) y1 = f5(theta1, theta2) y2 = f6(theta1, theta2) y3 = f7(theta1, theta2) y4 = f8(theta1, theta2) the functions f_j are not neccesarily linear and are fairly complicated with many factors. I need to remove (eliminate) the theta1 and theta2 terms from the set and be left with a new set of equations that is in terms of x_i and y_i.
Hi all: I want to realize the following function in maple: 1> According to the input vector, n, canculate the n times of auto-convolutions, after getting the final result, measuring the vector according to each element of the result. If I use the math language, Suppose I have vector, called A the length of vector is L; Result = A*A*....A (n times convolution); Measure= Sum (on i) (Result[i]*ln(Result[i]); I donot know how to coding like that Thanks for any help. How to read the parameters from keyboard in maple? Thanks bin
I am trying to compute some Lie brackets in Maple but am having trouble with the output. The first five few terms that I computed are small enough that they will display with pretty print. However, the sixth term gave me the error 'Large output of more than 1000000 nodes' and it couldn't display. I turned pretty print off and eventually got it to display the sixth term but now I can't get the seventh or eighth terms to display even with pretty print off. Every time I try to output the expression for the seventh or eighth Lie bracket Maple just stalls out. Since it can compute the terms that I need but not display them is there a way I can export the hidden content to a text file or some other format so I can copy and paste the equations into Matlab?
Hello everybody: I need to know how to export or create a plot directly into a data file (i. e. .dat or .csv) to pick it up with Origin or something like that. Thanks, L.
Using the proc command and multiple functions embedded in a main function, I'm trying to calculate something. However, I don't want a huge list of calculations to be printed out. I realize that using : instead of ; eliminates most of those outputs, and I've set printlevel := 0;, but I am still getting printouts every time I run an embedded proc inside my main calculations. I was hoping there would be a way to make it so nothing is printed out at all excluding the final return value of the main function (specifically, how do I eliminate the output of the embedded proc's). Thanks, William
Hi I have a problem in solving a system of odes with maple,here is a capture(jpg) of my program in maple, how can I solve that error? Tanx.
I had three questions, but two were about series solutions to linear ode's, and I just discovered the wonderful Slode package...I learn something new about Maple every single day! I still have one question though... In the help page for the laplace command in the inttrans package, it is indicated that, when transforming ordinary differential equations, initial values can be set and incorporated into the transform, but I haven't figured out exactly how to do this, and I didn't find anything else on the help page. Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
I would like to have labeled axes on all four sides of my 2D plot. I can get them on the right and bottom using axes=normal. I can also get them on the left and bottom using axes=boxed or axes=framed. But I can't get the axes on the top of the plot to show up. Any suggestions?
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