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Thanks to Mr. Joe Riel, my previous problem is the port's name and the input signal's name was the same name was solved. It worked well in the new model but when I try to do exactly the same thing in my current model, the custom component can't be generated even if the "Check dimension" button shown that "no issues found". 

This time error is:
(in SetComponent) flattening error: Errors: Input length = 1
Error in Component btnGenComponent with the caption "Generate MapleSim Component"

Does anyone know from what this error "Input length = 1" happens? 

I am very appreciated for your help.

Why Sim Biology and Bioinformatics are not included in the maple sim?

Hi everyone, I need to use the integral calculation in MapleSim but there is no MapleSim Block to do it. So I create a Custom Component and using the integral calculation from Maple, the expression of the equation was done. But when I click Dimension analysis button, one error popped out as the photo. Have anyone got the same error before? How should I do to solve it? Thank you very much.

We have just released a new version of MapleSim.  The MapleSim 2018 family of products offers new tools for developing digital twins, greater connectivity with other modeling tools, and expanded modeling scope. Improvements include:

  • New tools for creating motion profiles
  • FMI  import for FMI 2.0 Fixed-Step Co-Simulation
  • Optimized handling of large models
  • Inclusion of temperature effects in the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon and MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon
  • Heat transfer through air and water with the MapleSim Heat Transfer Library from CYBERNET

See What’s New in MapleSim 2018 for more information about these and other improvements.

I have training video that shows the visualization window "docked" below the main window.   Can this work space arrangement be done in sim2017 ??  

Also I push the anchor button and nothing seems to happen 


by passing all steps to install Maplesim 2017.3 i confort the error "The system cannot find the file specidied" when i want to open it. what shoud i do?

Dear All

I seldom need support, Maple/MapleSim usually runs OK, but here I'm stuck with MapleSim 2017 I'm modelling some thermal fluid properties and each time I make a sub-system I get two errors:

1) the entries (and exit variables) "rho, Cp, Cv, lambda, and nu" of my models are set to default "1" instead of my expected value the names of my fluid-parameter items. I must rename them by hand to be able to solve my model, why not a link to the fluid parameter node ?

2) I get a pressure p (or is it a "rho"?) issue: "Cannot resolve `Main.Block1.p`; there is no `p` in variable `Main.Block1`" when I create a sub-system I call here Block1 and my model does not solve if I make any "sub-systems", and I cannot find out what to do, is this an initial value issue ? the error message could be more helpful ;)

Any clues how to get around this ?

Thnaks in avance



I have modeled a 3D flexible manipulator in Maplesim. I intend to measure the torsional strain of the flexible beams. How can I do this??

Dear all

I solve an optimization problem ( minimization or maximization) using lagrangeMultiplier theorem 

The objective function is f:=(x,y,z) =x*y+y*z;

The constraints are: x*y=1  and y^2+z^2=1;

Using a numerical method I get the follwing point 

x = 1.41421356249703, y = .707106781124551, z = .707106781248575

How can I confirm that this point is a minumum or maximum

Maybe I must use Hessian matrix or something else.

Which condition must be introduced to know the type ( maximum or minumum) this point.

Many thanks for your help


I have a system of equation as

Hi all

I have a system of equation:

sys := [x+y, 2*x+y^2];

How can I convert the previous system to this function using maple


then how can I compute the gradient of F.


Many thanks.




Determine the extrema corresponds to a local minimum, maximum or



obj := 2*x^2+2*x*y+3*y^2;
  cts := [x+y = 2];
    Minimize(obj, cts);

    Maximize(obj, cts);

Maple display that there is no maximum, i d'ont understand why the maximum does not exist.

Many think




Dear Community,


I tried to run a very simple dumped oscillator in MapleSim. Upon running however I do not get any result plots. Nothing appears in the result window :-/ Could you pls. have a short look at it?

Tx in advance,

best regards



I can't undersand, how I can create linear actuator model in MapleSim and to add it in 3D-visualized project. (Like this, for example:

Can anyone share an example of such task or explain to me?

It is possible without electric motor and transmission.
An example of translational motion with a certain force will suffice.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

where i can change the value?

I am trying to expand the ridgid beam model to flexible beam model to 1.) use fixed walled end to calulate cantilever deflection from a constant load, and visualize deflection; and then 2.) incorporate a compliant walled joint (rotary joint) with stiff rotational spring. To get angles of rotation; and finally simulate a periodic force and calc/plot all reactions/theta(t).


There is a video on line of a round beam with fixed-fixed ends and a translating weight with deflection visulized, but only a you tube vid can be found of this set-up.   It is close to what I need.


Lastly, if anyone knows how to send the diagram to maple as in A:=MapleSim:-___()

This method to transfer from Sim to maple with diagram and current session(#?) was done in a tutorial vid from MapleSim session. I am using Maple/MapleSim 2017 which is difficult to follow changes in workspace and commands from vids/tutorials.

PS. I have connected through opening a new worksheet and explicitly opening by filename. 

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