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Hi !
I'm wanting to make an animation from images. But these images are not plots, they are lists of plots, which I display simultaneously using the display function. So I've a list of list of plots, which I want to be displayed as an animation. The syntax is animate(function_that_returns_a_plot, ...), and I can't return a plot, since a list of plots is not a plot. Does anybody know what to do ?
Thanks in advance :)
Hi, this is my first time posting, so I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask this. But, I'm having trouble defining a function. I'm using the document view and trying to establish Q(variables)= some function and it returns "Error, invalid parameters for inline function." More specifically:
I've been trying figure out how to code up arbitrary volume and surface integrals in Maple. I know that Maple has the VectorCalculus package but there doesn't appear to be a way to specify a volume integral (where the infinitesimal is dV). Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to specify a surface integral without defining the surface in advance (i.e., integrate over S with an infinitesimal of dS). In both cases, I'd like to have general integrals where I can specify the bounds at a later time (e.g., inert integrals). I know that there is the triple integrals in the student package but they aren't the same as a volume integral.
Dear all : I have a function qx(x):= 1/21 x in (20,40) = 0 others ; My double integral is like integral ( integral (qx(x1), x1=x-10..40)*integral(qx(x1),x1=x-20..40)*1/20, x = 20...30); since the qx(x)'s is not keep constant on whole range, I am confused with the double integral. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
I have two lists viz. X:=[a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i] of size 9. And I:=[1,2,3]. I want to generate a list of all the possible patterns of size 9 which can be made using 1,2,3. For example a few patterens which the code is to produce, among many others, are as follows: [1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3] [1,2,2,1,2,2,1,2,2] [2,3,3,2,3,3,2,3,3] [2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3] etc. Your help would be a great great help to me. I need it direly.

Here is my problem:

> vec1:=Vector(2): plot(vec1[floor(x)], x = 1 .. 2);
Error, bad index into Vector

The above should give the zero plot, but it gives the error message.

Of course, vec1[floor(x)] gives the correct answer for any specific x. (i.e. vec1[floor(1.5324)] gives 0, which is correct).

I get the same problem when plotting or integrating functions that simliarly depend on Matrices. What's going on?

I'm looking for a method to extract the (unique) functions of a specific variable from a sum of functions, for example from u=sin(x)*sin(th)+sin(x)^2+sin(2x)+sin(th)^2+exp(x)+x i want to extract for x unique functions = {sin(x),sin(2x),exp(x),x} and for th unique functions = {sin(th)}. For a sum of only trigiometric functions, I use indets(u,trig(x)) and indets(u,trig(th)). However, for a sum of general functions I have no clue how to do this. Any help is welcome. Niels.
I had installed Maple 9.0 for linux (SUSE 10.0). When I start it, I see an error message "Connection to Kernel lost". Have someone any advice? Thanks Angela
Hi, How do I calculate Kronecker/tensor products in Maple 10? Regards, Evyn
I am attempting to use document blocks to hide the Maple code for an interactive document and I'm encountering an unbelievably frustrating issue: if I create a new document block and suppress the output of the function calls therein with a colon, when I collapse the document block, the function calls are not hidden at all, but are displayed in a continuous line. If I do not supress the output, once I collapse the block, only the output is visible (which may be desirable except that I am doing things like loading packages, storing plot3d and plot variables, etc., and I DO NOT WANT THE OUTPUT VISIBLE).
I'd like to define a function f(a,b)= product(product(p(a,b,c[i],d[j])^x[ij]*(1-p(a,b,c[i],d[j]))^(1-x[ij]),j=1..n),i=1..n) (The x's are known data, each 0 or 1, the c's and d's are also known.) Is there a way to do this without writing it out long-hand, say using a matrix of the x's and vectors of the c's and d's? Thanks.
I have an array of functions involving x such that array[i] is valid only on the interval x=i..(i+1). I am trying to create a piecewise function that includes all array[i] terms valid in their respective ranges, but I am running into some syntax problems.
Hi! I am new! I can't integrate this... could u help me? (exp(-1/2*(ln(y)-(x*b+2))^2/(sigma^2*(x^2+1)))/(y*sigma*sqrt(2*Pi*(x^2+1))))*(2-1.666666667*x), x=0.6..1.2, y=3.6..4.5
Can any one of you help me to solve the question below? Please... Question: Find non-negative integers solutions that satisfy the following conditions: Given: p,k,h,a,b,c are integers. The conditions are: (1) a+b+c=k*h-h-h*h+1 (2) (p-k+h)*(p-h-1)*(p-1)-(p-k)*(p-2)*(p)=a*(p-1)+b*(p-h-1)+c*(p-k+h) (3) h>=1 (4) h
Hello All!
When using Maple 10 Classic Worksheet, the mouse sensitivity goes up tremendously, making it really annoying to work with. The sensitivity is only increased in the Maple window when it's activated. I only have this problem with Classic Worksheet, but it's the 'version' I use. Is there any workaround for this? Like some sort of registry fix?
I'm using a Logitech Mx500, by the way.
Any help is really appreciated!
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