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So I'm new to maple, more used to working in matlab. Anyway, I'm trying to solve the pendulum equation with a friction term, but the "dsolve" command spits out something I have no clue how to handle. What do I do with the "theta = _a & where [loads of bullshit]"? It's supposed to give me an integral of some sort that I can work with, not a strange substitution. Halp! 


I got bit by Maple when I tried to combine a number of 2-d plots into one 3-d plot, using plottools:-transform to space the plots out in the third dimentsion. I have done such things before. This time, the first time I executed the final plot statement the GUI got clobbered and somehow also the whole worksheet (I may have saved it). Now, when I load it nothing shows up and worse, I cannot enter anything in the worksheet, it is completely screwy. I looked at the XML code in Emacs and it validates and I cannot find anything obviously wrong with it, i.e. no dangling tags or similar.

I used Maple 2017. In Maple 2015 the same worksheet overprints itself & makes a big mess on the screen. It is similarly unuseable.

Can one of the experts have a look at this? Although rare I have experienced similar issues on occasion before & would like to know how to get this into a sane state.


Mac Dude


I need to find all integer solutions of these multivariable equations (and many more similar equations)

I have the boundary conditions that b-1 ≥ a1 > a2 ≥ 0

How can I do this in Maple?

For context, b is a base and a1 and a2 are digits in a b-adic number where a1 is bigger than a2. Solutions to these equations correspond to numbers that have a particular property.


I have posted this question on math.stackexchange, but saught an algebraic approach rather than a computational one. Here it is shown that a1 and a2 are linear functions of b. This is where the families of solutions come in. Mathloves answer is detailed and potentially useful in regards to formatting the answer.


Thank you for any help / advice. Ben

I simply used solve to solve an equation but it doesn't work properly , Here is my code :

I want to solve system of nonlinear ODEs using RKF with shooting technique. If some body have a idea please help me coding I am new In Maple. If somebody have a relevant code please share with me. I try to understand and then apply on my problem. 

I want to solve attached link paper and image.Thanks


I am trying to compute the following integral:

int(a*b*c/sqrt((x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 + (z-c)^2), [a=-1..1, b=-1..1, c=-1..1])

where x, y, z are Real parameters.

The integral looks so simple but Maple can't compute it as is.



I would like to solve the integrodifferential equation and then look to the  stability of the origin.

Is it  stable, uniformly stable, asymptotically stable and uniformly asumptotically stable.

Please see the following code.




I have to use the Chinese Remainder Theorem but once I have found m^e I cant seem to figure out a way that works to get just the message without the exponent. I assumed that the exponent is 3 since the message was encrypted 3 different times. How can I do this with Maple?

Hi all. how can i detect and remove the lists with same members? for example in the code below, i want to remove duplicate of the lists with the same members, for example [1,1,5],[1,5,1],[5,1,1]. i want just one of these sets to remain and the others to be removed. it doesn't matter which. i want just one set with members 1,5,1 which their summation is 7. and the same thing for other lists. thanks in advance.


MM:=composition(7, 3)

{[1, 1, 5], [1, 2, 4], [1, 3, 3], [1, 4, 2], [1, 5, 1], [2, 1, 4], [2, 2, 3], [2, 3, 2], [2, 4, 1], [3, 1, 3], [3, 2, 2], [3, 3, 1], [4, 1, 2], [4, 2, 1], [5, 1, 1]}





I know this is a trivial worksheet (in document mode) but why does the second subs fail? Thanks


Justification for using mg as the force exerted by mass m in gravity field g

Using Newton's Law of Gravity, find ``

work := `assuming`([int(G*M*m/r^2, r = R .. R+h)], [0 < R, 0 < h])




R is >> h, so let R + h = R

work := subs(R+h = R, work)




G, M and R are all constants, so let GM/R² = g

work := subs(G*M/R^2 = g, work)








I am having problems when trying to sue de colorscheme opiton. I always get an error message. The example below is from the Maple homepage:

plot3d(sin(x)*cos(y), x = 0 .. 4*Pi, y = 0 .. 4*Pi, view = [default, default, -3 .. 3], colorscheme = ["xgradient", ["Green", "Purple", "Blue"]]);
Error, (in plot3d) unexpected option: colorscheme = ["xgradient", ["Green", "Purple", "Blue"]]

Any hint?

Hi I'm done this and I really have no Idea what's wrong with maple :


I have no idea how to solve the equation ...
Thanks in advance !

Hello, i am trying to solve the PDE

 (E*I) d4/dx4 [w(x,t)] + (rho*A) d2/dt[w(x,t)]=0

where w(x,t) = W(x) * cos (ω *t)

W(x) is the amplitude of the beam, the PDE is solved for W(x) by seperation of variables.

my first question is how to simplify the equations by replacing the e^ terms with alpha as done in the lecture, so that things look cleaner. And the next question is how do i proceed to input the Boundary conditions to solve the problem? I have looked in quite a lot of places but there is no example of a second or third order boundary condition(if that makes sense)



I would like to ask you a question on the following program. Where does the error come from?

Thank you for your help in advance.



for b1 from 10 to 20 by 1 do
for b2 from 1 to 10 by 0.1 do
for alpha from 0.5 to 0.9 by 0.1 do
for beta from 0.1 to 0.4 by 0.1 do
for c from 1 to 1 by 1 do
for f from 1 to 10 by 1 do
for g from 8 to 470 by 1 do
for lambdai from 0.2 to 0.2 by 0.1 do
for lambdaj from 0.2 to 0.2 by 0.1 do
for gammai from 0.4 to 0.4 by 0.1 do
for gammaj from 0.4 to 0.4 by 0.1 do


solt:=solve({eqti, eqtj}, {ti, tj});



if (CSQ>0 and Cabat>0  and Cneg>0 and beta<alpha and p>0 and p<1)

10, 1, 0.5, 0.1, 1, 1, 8, 0.2, 0.2, aiSQ=, 3.12500000000000, ajSQ=, 

  0.625000000000000, UiSQ=, 10.3515625000000, UjSQ=, 2.85156250000000, USQ=, 

  30.4687500000000, ai=, 3.14314584993738, aj=, 0.667340316520551, aineg=, 

  4.06068541500626, ajneg=, 2.80826596834794, ti=, 19.2559726892491, tj=, 

  7.44890809994178, p=, 0.0483889331663441, Uip=, 25.8431760998162, Ujp=, 

  8.71735374786572, Up=, 2.73962847065372
Error, (in solve) a constant is invalid as a variable, 7.44890809994178, 19.2559726892491

is possible to solve this pde via maple?


sys := [-(-r^2+1)*(diff(theta(r, z), z))+(diff(theta(r, z), r)+r*(diff(theta(r, z), r, r)))/r+diff(theta(r, z), z, z)+(diff(theta(r, z), r))*(diff(sigma(r, z), r))+(diff(sigma(r, z), z))*(diff(theta(r, z), z))+(diff(theta(r, z), r))^2+(diff(theta(r, z), z))^2 = 0, -(-r^2+1)*(diff(sigma(r, z), z))+(diff(sigma(r, z), r)+r*(diff(sigma(r, z), r, r)))/r+diff(sigma(r, z), z, z)+(diff(theta(r, z), r)+r*(diff(theta(r, z), r, r)))/r+diff(theta(r, z), z, z) = 0]; IBCs := {sigma(1, z) = 1, sigma(r, 0) = 1, theta(1, z) = 1, theta(r, 0) = 1, (D[1](sigma))(0, z) = 0, (D[1](theta))(0, z) = 0, (D[2](sigma))(r, 1) = 0, (D[2](theta))(r, 1) = 0}

[-(-r^2+1)*(diff(theta(r, z), z))+(diff(theta(r, z), r)+r*(diff(diff(theta(r, z), r), r)))/r+diff(diff(theta(r, z), z), z)+(diff(theta(r, z), r))*(diff(sigma(r, z), r))+(diff(sigma(r, z), z))*(diff(theta(r, z), z))+(diff(theta(r, z), r))^2+(diff(theta(r, z), z))^2 = 0, -(-r^2+1)*(diff(sigma(r, z), z))+(diff(sigma(r, z), r)+r*(diff(diff(sigma(r, z), r), r)))/r+diff(diff(sigma(r, z), z), z)+(diff(theta(r, z), r)+r*(diff(diff(theta(r, z), r), r)))/r+diff(diff(theta(r, z), z), z) = 0]


{sigma(1, z) = 1, sigma(r, 0) = 1, theta(1, z) = 1, theta(r, 0) = 1, (D[1](sigma))(0, z) = 0, (D[1](theta))(0, z) = 0, (D[2](sigma))(r, 1) = 0, (D[2](theta))(r, 1) = 0}






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