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Here is an example. Why not apply the minus sign to the numerator?
Is there a simple way to change this behavior.

t__FET_TurnOff := solve(-C__iss2*V__gs_th2 + Q__total = i__GateDriveN*t__off, t__off);

Preferred result

Programatically assigning colors to points in geom3d not working.  I just want all the points drawn by the draw command, to be the same color.  The output does not respond to programatic specification of the object color.

Maple 2021 Help says: "

geom3d: draw command

calling sequence:

A typical call to the draw function is draw([ obj_1(localopts_1),...,obj_n(localopts_n) ], globalopts) where obj_1, ..., obj_n are geometric objects, localopts_1, ..., localopts_n are local options for a particular object, and globalopts are  options which apply to all of the objects.

localopts_i is a sequence of type equation. The set of options allowed for localopts_i is color = red."

I tried: color = "Red", color = "red", color = Red, color=red.  The command goes through but the colors remain distinct per point.  You can use the context menu to change the color after the command goes through but it is inefficient for my purposes. 

Here is an image of it not working:


Hello, There seems to be a bug in the int() routine when CPV is being used i.e.

f1 := (int(t^(2*a - 1)/(-t^2 + 1), t = 0 .. infinity, CPV = true) assuming (0 < a, a < 1));

the result given is

f1 := Pi/(2*sin(Pi*a)*(-1)^(1 - a))

but the correct result is

f1 := Pi/2*cot(Pi*a).


I need to use a remote machine with an outdated Maple 2016. But I have written my own package in Maple 2019 / 2020 on my laptop. When I try to load my code in Maple 2016, I got the error

Error, unexpected export declaration in module body

What are the main changes to the module system in the Maple language since the 2016 version? How should I modify the code to run it successfully? (I encounter no errors for other code which only contains procedures but not modules.)

I create a table of 3D points in one worksheet and would like to use these values at a later time in a separate worksheet.

What is the simplest way to do this?




InvT := Matrix([[c^2, s^2, -2*s*c], [s^2, c^2, 2*s*c], [s*c, -s*c, c^2-s^2]])

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704779590)


T := Matrix([[c^2, s^2, 2*s*c], [s^2, c^2, -2*s*c], [-s*c, s*c, c^2-s^2]])

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704773678)


c := cos(p)



s = sin(p)

s = sin(p)


Q := Matrix([[Q11, Q12, 0], [Q12, Q22, 0], [0, 0, Q66]])

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704759470)


Q11 := E1/(-v12*v21+1); Q12 := E2/(-v12*v21+1); Q66 := G12







E1 := 0.233e12; E2 := 0.231e11; v21 := 0.2e-1; v12 := .2; G12 := 0.717e10











R := Matrix([[1, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 2]])

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704747062)


Qbar := Matrix([[Qb11, Qb12, Qb16], [Qb12, Qb22, Qb26], [Qb16, Qb26, Qb66]])

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704742726)


InvR := MatrixInverse(R)

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704745726)


eq1 := Qbar = InvT.Q.R.T.InvR

Matrix(%id = 18446746411704742726) = Matrix(%id = 18446746411704732718)


plot(Qb11, p = 0 .. 9)

Warning, expecting only range variable p in expression Qb11 to be plotted but found name Qb11






How to solve these systems of BVP and obtain values for gamma term.


I was trying to find the inverse of a function where the domain has been restricted. For example

solve(x=subs(x=y, x^2+8*x), y, useassumptions) assuming x::RealRange(-4, Open(infinity));

and my hope was that including the assumption would result in a single solution but it still gives me two solutions as it would without the assumption.

I would like to algorithmically end up with a single solution. Currently I am only working with functions that have variables to the power of 0, 1 or 2 and additionally square roots, but a more general method would be optimal. What am I doing wrong?

Can you use the Dirac function in different coordinate systems?

Dear all

I have a second order PDE, i used pdesolve but no solution obtained, why?




Is there a way to ask Maple to re-write the expression 

a:=1/3 -exp(-3)/3 into a:=1/3*(1-exp(-3))  ?

The command "factor" doesn't seem to work. Thank you.

Can the number of frames per second be changed programmatically in animate and/or animatecurve ?

Thanks in advance

I should know this, but I don't: Is there a plotting command to plot a list of points, like so:

list:=[[x1,y1],[x2,y2],etc...]; plotlist(list);

(a Vector of points would also be ok)?

There is plots:-pointplot which plots two Vectors (or maybe lists) against each other.

plots:-listplot plots a list against the index. Both are useful commands I employ a lot, but sometimes I'd like to plot pairs as above directly.

Note that I do know how to transform the list of pairs into two lists, or whatever; that is not the issue. I am looking whether there is a command that does this by itself, transparently, before I program myself such a routine because I am too dense with the Maple Help facility.


Mac Dude.


Using insert sequences: `%*`(seq(...))


Behaves very poorly when the sequence has one element. E.g., if this is a double sequence(say a double sum) then when the inner seq/sum has one element the inert visual is poorly displayed with extra junk rather than just showing one element.

`%+`(floor(5 %/ (2 %* 3 %* 5)))


E.g., rathernt han just showing:

(floor(5 %/ (2 %* 3 %* 5)))


Is there any way to get it to play nice without having to modify the functions/(this is a global problem so it deserves a global solution rather than ad-hoc that has to be applied to every usage).



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