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Requesting a code to compute for n>=1 the number of distinct proper divisors of n which properly divide a proper divisor of n.


example: n=24= 2^3*3

There are 5 proper divisors of 24 having the above property: 1,2,3,4,6, so a(24)=5.

How I can solve following differential equations.?

I want to plot phase diagrams versus time.

diff(xi[i](t), t) versts t (i=1,2,3,4,5,6)



Can this equation has four integer solutions? 
I am consider the equation a^2*x^2/(x-a)^2+x^2 = m/n and trying to find the integer numbers a, m, n so that the given equation has integer solutions?


I am currently working on a geometric proof, that cutting a cone can give you an ellipse. I have chosen the 'Dandelin spheres' proof, but i am having trouble plotting a hollow cone containing two solid spheres of different sizes. 

I thought i could maybe define each function, and then just display th surface area of the revolution of the cone, and the volume of revolution of the spheres in the same plotting table. However, this has proven more difficult than i thought.




display([VolumeOfRevolution(f(x), x = 0 .. 10, output = plot, scaling = constrained), VolumeOfRevolution(g(x), x = 0 .. 10, output = plot, scaling = constrained), VolumeOfRevolution(h(x), x = 0 .. 10, output = plot, scaling = constrained)])


(I am aware that i have plotted the cone function (f(x), straight line) as volume and not surface area of revolution)

This does not give me one combined plot, but 3 seperate:(

I hope someone has the time to help!
Thank you


I'm able to 

1) Display a plot using 

display(plot(x2, x = 0 .. 10))

2) Modify the created plot using the Context Panel and change the horizontal axis range to -5 to 10

but how can I:

3) Save the modified plot as an expression statement with which I can replace my display expression, in order to save the modified plotting expression before reexecuting the document?

Is it possible to check, if a component - like a combobox - exists?


Why is a row of a matrix has type Matrix, but a column of a Matrix has type Vector (column vector)

I expected a row of a matrix to also be a Vector (row vector).



This might be by design or documented somewhere. But I find it not consistent.  Either both results should be Matrices, or both should be Vectors (the more logical way).


Maple 2020.2 on windows 10.

I want to write two different numbered lists in the same document like:

  1. Item one list one
  2. Item two list one

And the second list:

  1. Item one list two
  2. Item two list two

The problem is that whenever I use the "Set the paragraph to be a numered list item" button, the item becomes a part of the same list as every other list item in the document. How can i separate two lists?


how to get a table with Relative Error and Absolute Error in Maple?

I tried in ( but was unsuccessful.

Thank you!


Hi, how to write a loop and solve the algebraic expression? is the loop and do loop are the same thing? if different then pls mention how to solve the same question by using do loop?

Suppose that we have a excel file as follows:


We can import the excel file to Maple as follows:

ExcelTools:-Import("C:\\Users\\student\\list.xlsx", "Page1");
  • QUESTION 1: How to filter the cell including ".edu" in the column A and how to print them to column B as follows:


Hi everyone how can I plot like a graphic? 

I am having problems with the code I am trying to write in Maple 2020. I have attached the code in this question. 

I hope someone can help me out.


Error, invalid input: rhs received 0, which is not valid for its 1st argument, expr


Thanks very much



Hi, how to find the point where two lines intersect each other by using the command.


Hi, pls help me to write a loop for prime number....for n between 1 to 100

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