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how can I solve triple integral below in maple, thanks





My Maple Worksheets (not Maple Documents) have lots of explanetory Text blocks [..... surounding executable Math blocks ([> ..... I often insert mathematical symbols, most commonly subscripted variables, in these Text blocks.  For a simple example, consider the text block entered as

[This is a test of a subscripted variable "CTL-R" h__0 "CTL-T" in a text block.

The "CTL-R" (quotes are not actually entered) is the short cut to go into math mode, and "CTL-T" exits math mode and returns to text mode and the double underscore produces an atomic subscripted variable.

The text block actually will look like

[This is a test of a subscripted variable h0 in a text block.

The problem occurs when I reexecute the worksheet. The Text block actually produces output labeled with an equation number. For my simple example above the Text block becomes

[This is a test of a subscripted variable h0 in a text block.

[                                              h0                                                   (1)


where the two lines started by [ are actually merged with one expanded [ for the Text block with its output. To get rid of the unwanted output, I have to put my curser over the h0 that is in the Text body (not the output h0) and hit "Shift-F5". The output h0 with its equation number disappears.  If there are a number of simple math expressions in a text block, I have to process them one at a time with "Shift-F5". This takes up a lot of time. With earlier Maple versions (~2015 or earlier) I used to fly through Text blocks using the shortcuts "Ctl-R" and "Ctl-T" and these Text blocks produced no output when the worksheet was reexecuted. 

Starting with Maple 2016 I could enter math expressions in Text blocks using the shortcuts, but I could not copy and paste  a Text block with inline math expressions without the expressions becoming "live" in the copied block.  Starting with Maple 2017 all my Text boxes with math expressions began executing the math and producing output.

I gave up on Maple 2017 and 2018.  I have finally made the jump from Maple 2016 to Maple 2019, in part, because I finally discovered the "Shift-F5" trick to make math expressions in a Text block inactive.

Does anyone know how to make the default behaviour of Maple with math expressions in a Text block to be "Don't execute the math and produce output in the Text block"?

I would post an actual example worksheet, except I have never been successful whenever I have tried to upload a worksheet. I hope my description above is adequate.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Neill Smith




restart; with(VectorCalculus)

r := `<,>`(sin(t), cos(t), t)

Vector(3, {(1) = 0.2739493386e-115+0.2739493386e-115*I, (2) = 1.0-0.7504824014e-231*I, (3) = t})






So I am calculating the absorption coefficient for dry air. When I perform the calculation I get a very small number that displays as "0.". Is there any way I can get maple to show all of the digits of this small number? I tried evalf() but continue to get the same result of "0.". 

Anything would help. Thanks! 

Because Debian Linux is not officially supported by Maple, I would like to know if is there anybody who is able to provide following information:

1. is possible in principle to operate Maple 2018-2019 on Debian 9 Linux?

2. how to install Maple 2018 or 2019 on Linux Deian 9 (Stretch)? Are there required some specific Tweaks and Hints?

Thanks in advance for any help...

Sir please help me to solve following system of non linear equation, 



How I can get integral by part.

I want to calculate these integral.

Thank you



How I can take Laplace Transform from equation.



Dear all,
I found error something like this
"Error, (in Optimization:-LPSolve) maximal depth, 263, of branch and bound search is too small; use depthlimit option to increase depth"

How to use depthlimit option?
Could anyone give an example?
Thank you.


The worksheet below rolls an ellipse along the y axis with constant energy.

How can the physics be enhanced to roll the ellipse along a non-linear curve (e.g. a sine curve) with constant energy?


restart; _local(gamma); _local(I); _local(pi)



Warning, The imaginary unit, I, has been renamed _I


# Set up numerical values for all problem parameters
  params:=[       psi=0.142,        mu[1]=0.112,      phi=0.4e-3,
                 mu[v]=0.002, beta[o]=0.081,  M[h]=10,
            omega=0.2e-2,     eta=0.5e-1, mu[e]=0.092,
                pi=0.598e-2,    beta[*]=.5,      eta=0.213,

Error, `*` unexpected


# Define main function
  R:= sqrt((psi+mu[1]+phi)*(mu[1])^(2)*mu[v]*psi*beta[o]*(M[h])^(2)*(omega+mu[1]+eta)*mu[e]*pi*beta[*]/(psi+mu[1]+phi)*(omega+mu[1]+eta)*mu[v]*mu[e]*(mu[1])^2);

Error, `*` unexpected


# Compute "all" derivatives and evaluate numerically.
# For the purposes of this calculation "all"
# derivatives, means the derivatives with respect to
# every variable returned by indets(R, name)
# Output a list of two element lists where each of
# the latter is
# [ varName,
#   eval( diff( R, varName), params )
# ]
 [ seq( [j, eval( diff( R, j), params )],j in indets(R, name))];

Error, invalid input: eval received params, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns


# Compute all "sensitivities" (where the sensitivity
# is as defined in Rouben Rostamian response to the
# OP's earlier post) and evaluate numerically.
# For the purposes of this calculation "all" sensitivities
# means the sensitivity with respect to every variable
# returned by indets(R, name)
# Output a list of two element lists where each of
# the latter is
# [ varName,
#   eval( varName*diff( R, varName)/R, params )
# ]
  seq( [j, eval( j*diff( R, j)/R, params )],j in indets(R, name));

Error, invalid input: eval received params, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns






Here are two matrices:

Ts:=matrix([[cos(omega*t), cos(omega*t-2/3*Pi), cos(omega*t+2/3*Pi)], [sin(omega*t), sin(omega*t-2/3*Pi), sin(omega*t+2/3*Pi)],[1/2, 1/2, 1/2]]);

Then, if I attempt this operation, 'simplify(multiply(Ts, Xin));', this becomes the result:

Matrix(3, 1, [[cos(omega*t)*cos(omega*t+alpha)+cos(omega*t+(1/3)*Pi)*cos(omega*t+alpha+(1/3)*Pi)+sin(omega*t+(1/6)*Pi)*sin(omega*t+alpha+(1/6)*Pi)], [sin(omega*t)*cos(omega*t+alpha)+sin(omega*t+(1/3)*Pi)*cos(omega*t+alpha+(1/3)*Pi)-cos(omega*t+(1/6)*Pi)*sin(omega*t+alpha+(1/6)*Pi)], [(1/2)*cos(omega*t+alpha)-(1/2)*cos(omega*t+alpha+(1/3)*Pi)-(1/2)*sin(omega*t+alpha+(1/6)*Pi)]])

However, if I attempt to reduce each row, the previous result is reduced much further. 

For example, this shows the expand operation applied to the first row and its result.  

expand(3*cos(alpha)*(1/2)+(1/2)*cos(2*omega*t+alpha)-(1/2)*sin(2*omega*t+(1/6)*Pi+alpha)-(1/2)*cos(2*omega*t+(1/3)*Pi+alpha), trig);


Is there any way to reduce the entire matrix in a similar way, instead of using this element by element operation?


Is this an expected behaviour for simplify/size

I was simplifying a result from pdsolve, but did not check that the solution was null or () before calling simplify.

It turns out that  simplify((),size)  returns size for this. I find this is very strange.

I would have expected it to return ().

I can fix this by checking that sol is not null before calling simplify ofcourse. But the question is, why does simplify((),size) return size? What is the logic for this? From help:

The simplify(expr, size) calling sequence is used to attempt simplifying the expression size, performing only collections and simple decomposition of fractional powers in the coefficients - sometimes taking advantage of linear factors when they exist. No other mathematical simplifications of the expression or its subexpressions is performed. These operations, while simple and with low computational cost, may remarkably structure the expression and reduce its size.

is it possible what happens is this: becuase "sol" was null, the call simplify(sol,size) has actually become simplify(size) and the result is size.  So because the first slot in the call was (), it was ignored during the call and the first parameter became size insteal of sol?

Maple 2019 on windows 10.


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