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Hey, does anyone here know how to program the product Nystrom method for solving integral equations of the second kind? Thanks

Dear all:

   suppossed i have a function as following :


where  x is belong to (0,Pi/2), I3,I5 is defined to I3^2+I5^2 < .232.

i have ploted some curves of f(x) . As to different I3 and I5, the curve of f(x) have different point of intersection with y=1 function, may one point or two  point or three where 0<x<Pi/2.

hi,i am new to this and when i start up maple 12 i get the following error:"Java Virtual Machine Launcher, could not create the java virtual machine".


I have a problem with define(f,multilinear). I want that Maple threats alpha[i,j] as a constant such that f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4])=alpha[2,4] f(e[1],e[4]). I've added all the alpha[i,j] to the constants, but still, he fails to compute f(e[1], alpha[2, 4]*e[4]).

It works when I add alpha(i,j) to the constants, but then the rest of my program doesn't work, so it really should be with [,] and not with (,).


I've recently updated to Maple 12 (on Mac OS X.4.11) and am still learning how to use it. A search on Maple FAQs didn't turn up any answers to the following questions.


I am posting it again. I need the plot of W(i+1/2)=1/2*(W(i)+W(i+1))+1/2*sqrt(sagma*t)*g(i)    where g(i) is an independent N(0,1) sample. Please some one help. i have attached a file of the plot which I need.

Download 10597_10597_Brwonian Motion.doc
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In my 3 D histogram the colums have a 1*1 base, so normally they would be labeled 1,2,3,4,5 on the x and the y axes but instead of this I want to label them 0.25,.05,0.75,1,1.25,1.5 and so on.......... Is there a way to do it?
Hi experts, I created a 3D histogram with(plots); with(LinearAlgebra); A := [[2],[3],[3],[4]]; matrixplot(A, heights = histogram, labels = [c1, c2, ExpectedProfit], tickmarks = [spacing(2), [seq(i, i = 0 .. 8, 3)], default], axes = normal) Now I want to assign a colour to each column. When the value is 2 of the Matrix it should be red for example, when it is 3 for example yellow and so on. Later Later I want to expand it to a Matrix with B[n,m]n=10 values... Thanks alot in advance for your help!

Hi to all,

I am new to maple. I want a maple procedure for the following Boundary values problem.



Download 10597_Elliptic PDE.doc
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I installed maple 12 as root user successfully. But sometimes simple command like
1+1 or any command takes a long time to complete. After a long delay maple
displays result. It's happening very often and it's annoying. I'm using Debian
Etch, kernel 2.16.8-custom.

Hi Everybody: I've a question about "convolution". How can I afford the convolution of different scaled functions?... In Example: F (2*X/T) in convolution with G ( X/T ) ? Is this equals to : Int ( F(2*w/T) * G((X-w)/T), w=-infinity.. infinity)? Am I wrong?... The particular problem is : Convolution of ( T*Triangle(2*X/T) ) with ( shah( X/T ) ), with Shah (x) = Sum( Dirac (x-n), n= - infinity.. infinity). Thanks for helping!

Hi everybody,

I am totally new to Maple, therefore the code I submit could be very inefficient. A few comments

help me here:

suppose we have:


how can we find the best values of m and n such that h(x) > 0

one can show that for m = n = 1

h(x) > 0.

one may solve this by first finding the derivative of h(x)


and then solving

solve(diff(h(x),x),[m,n] )> 0

we may assume x > 0

which one is easier to decrypt  Vignere of length 6 or 2X2 affine matrix???


I'm interested in passing programs from Fortran to Maple, I have some queations:


1) Is it true that maple can only understand functions, and doesn't understand subroutines?

2) If Fortran function uses commands like "exp" "max" etc, is it okay?

3) If Fortran function uses external libraries (.lib, .dll) do I need to combine then somehow with the dll file I'm preparing for Maple? How?

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