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I got an expression f:=R^3/(z^2+R^2)^(3/2); and would like to plot f as a function of (z/R), not z. Here R is a parameter. Could someone give me a hand?

Hi, I'm traying to maje a double integrate of P(A(t+Deltat),A(t)) , the first one in in untion of dA(t) and the second one is in fuction of dA(t+ DeltaT). How can I indicate in Maple Deltat?  Is it possible to integrate in function of A(t)?

All variables are constant, except A(t) and A(t + Deltat),

> F:=proc()

generally the function having zero points or poles with non-integer order such as f(z) = (z-a)^(1.5+i0.3) must be dealt with on appropriate Riemann surface. In the following link I tried to extend the argument principle for such functions on a single sheet of Riemann surface and got a formula similar to that of ordinary argument principle. Using that formula the winding number of f(z) = (z-a)^(1.5+i0.3) around the origin is expressed as 1.5+i0.3.