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Hello admins. Can you please guide me on what's going wrong with my post? I just posted and now my post has been deleted or vanished?

Can anyone help me to draw a zoom picture of any plotted function as shown in the picture??

Hello Everyone, can anyone explain how to import a mathematical equation from maple to word directly?

Hello to all, does anyone create an example for me that how to calculate and plot streamline of fluid flow.

Hello everyone, can anyone help me to solve this problem? noted I want to solve a couple of odes and need to find involved integration constant i.e c1 to c4. 


diff(q(y), y, y)-A*q(y) = B*(P*y+c1)

diff(diff(q(y), y), y)-A*q(y) = B*(P*y+c1)



bc := q(-sigma) = 0, q(sigma) = 0

q(-sigma) = 0, q(sigma) = 0


(1+N)*(diff(u(y), y, y))+N*(diff(q(y), y)) = P

(1+N)*(diff(diff(u(y), y), y))+N*(diff(q(y), y)) = P


bc := u(-sigma) = 1, u(sigma) = -k

u(-sigma) = 1, u(sigma) = -k




Download help_couple_ode.mw

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