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My file is working but I want to draw a 2D contour plot into a 3D view. How can I adjust the 3D view as per the 2D plot?


Could anyone please help me to find the root means of the value of x for different values of k in the range 0.1..0.9  by putting the expression P=0 by using the Newton method? 


Hello everyone, I am trying to generate a relation for x in terms of lambda by putting my expression (A=0) but do not get the explicit relation. Could anyone please help me generate data points between x=[0..1] and lambda by putting A=0 and then making a polynomial by using the fit curve for x in the term of lambda?


I am trying to draw the streamline for my coupled system but do not get the outcome. Could anyone please help in this regard?

Detail: My system contains x and y;  Regrading x=0, if I do not assign it to zero, do not get the results. Otherwise, there is no need to put x=0 because I am interested in plotting stream plots between y and x (y on the vertical axis and x on the horizontal axis). Besides this, I solved this system analytically, then considered the stream function, did some steps, and plotted the streamline. It is different from the stream function, which has been obtained directly by using the numeric method. I have assigned the values to the parameters that I used during the analytical plot. I put x=0 and did not get the answer. Besides,  I am uploading the graph as a reference, which I have obtained by considering the stream function. This plot is similar to my flow direction, and I expect the same results from the numeric method.


My file is working, but I am not getting the idea of how to show it at the base as well.For refernce, please see attched picture


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