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Thank you for your time. I tried in the following two way can you please have a look on it make correct@acer 



it is working now thanks for help@acer 

a picture of the above problem

a picture of the above problem


thanks alot sir @tomleslie 

and sir i fixed digits upto 8 , the residual not approaches to zero for different value of k @tomleslie 

yes, sir, I was interested in the same thing you did, but the problem is that when I fixed digits up to 6 rather than 30 the residual become flot(-Infinity). Sir, I want 4 digits after the decimal points


and sir i want to find the different value of lambda for different K (0.1,02,0.3 etc)



Thank you sir, still i am confused about the guess value of lambda? how could you select these intervals for lambda?


@Preben Alsholm Thank you for your reply. I did in the same but I want to solve by using shooting method...if the given boundary condition is not got then used P(0)=P(1)=0

Thank you sir.  The problem is that I do not know the exact policy of this plate form and I admit this is the little repeated question but it contains a new problem that I am facing. i do not receive any message can you please share it again with me@acer 

Can you please upload the maple file for above mentioned method and problem@Carl Love 

@Ronan  I am interested to find expression between Q and all other involved value after putting T=0. can you please upload maple file

@Carl Love  value of h=1+x^2/2 and then we replace x by x sub s. all other parameters like A, D,a1 etc are constant and take any value of its.

Dear sir thanks alot for your help out. @tomleslie 

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