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Hi all,

I want to calculate for example MultiInt(x,[x,y]) or MultiInt(y,[x,y]), etc.. in a triangle whose the coordinates of the three nodes are (x1,y1), (x2,y2) and (x3,y3).

Thanks for any help


Thanks in advance

Hi all,

I have those functions



u1:=(r,theta)->sum((r^n*AI[n]+r^(-n)*BI[n]+W(n,r)*sin(n*theta0))*sin(n*theta)+(r^n*CI[n]+r^(-n)*DI[n]+W(n,r)*cos(n*theta0))*cos(n*theta),n = 1 .. nn);


Error, (in type/polynom) too many levels of recursion


I have those questions:

1) set

When I write these inputs,

x:={1,3,2}; y:={b,a,d,c}; z:={a[1],a[1,1],b[0],d[0],c[0],a[0],2};

the results are x := {1, 2, 3}, y := {a, b, c, d}, z := {2, a[0], a[1], a[1,1], b[0], c[0], d[0]}

Is there a way to get what I input

2) This problem in ordering numbers and words is verry important and hard when solving a large system of equations with:

restart:with(SolveTools): eqns:=[a[0...

Hi friends,

I have this piecewise function:

restart:assume(n,integer):h := piecewise(n::odd, n^2, n^3);

I can not get explicitly the derivative:


But, with

restart:h1 := piecewise(And(n::integer, n::odd), n^2, n^3);

I can get the derivative explicitly:


Why ?

Thanks in advance

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