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I want to explore for example:

Explore(plot(Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10));

I know that animate can be applied as:

animate(plot, [Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10], n = 1 .. 10);

Is it possible to get the Exploration Assistant in the same worksheet after the command Explore and not in another worksheet ?

Explore can be done for many parameters which is not the case for animate.

Thanks for any suggestion

Hi all,

For example, I have this equation:

restart: eq:=diff(theta(t),t)*y(theta(t))+x(t)=sin(x(t));



I want to replace in eq, wm:=diff(theta(t),t). I used commands eval, subs as:



but with no result

Thanks for any suggestion



with(OrthogonalExpansions) not working in Maple 15 (work in Maple 14). What is the equivalent package for FourierSeries calculations?

Thanks in advance

Kamel Boughrara

Hi all,

I want to save a plot into Array or other and re-plot it by pointplot.




With Array, I want to determine dx (step) of the plot (Array) and the dimension of Array (number of line and column).

If Pk:=plot(f(x),x=0..2*Pi); is Array, I can reproduce the plot as:

ef := {seq([Pk[i,1], Pk[i,2]], i = 1 .. N)}: # Pk[i,1] is x and Pk[i,2] is f(x), N number of line of Array


I have the function:

restart: with(plots): with(OrthogonalExpansions): with(DiscreteTransforms):


The Fourier coefficients a[0], a[i] and b[i] can be calculated by:

T:=2: Trig:=FourierSeries(f(t),t=0..T,n,'Coefficients');

a[0]:= op(1, Coefficients);a[i]:= op(1, op(2, Coefficients))[1];b[i]:= op(1, op(2, Coefficients))[2];

I want to calculate those coefficients a[0...

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