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Hi all,

I have two plots, one done in Maple and an other in Matlab. And I want to compare the two plots with superposing the two plots in one plot (in Matlab or in Maple).

Copy from a plot in Maple and past into a plot in Matlab don't work.

What is the easy way to do that ?

Thanks in advance

Is it possible to search a variable or any word or a command in a long worksheet

Thanks in advance

For example, I have the expression:


How to isolate terms in i and other terms (automatically) to get :



Thanks in advance


I have explored some multi-animation with maple, but I can not change the parameters one by one.

Command Explore is analog to Mathematica's Manipulate but the problem in a new worksheet.

How to get Explore like Manipulate in the same worksheet ?



I want to explore for example:

Explore(plot(Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10));

I know that animate can be applied as:

animate(plot, [Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10], n = 1 .. 10);

Is it possible to get the Exploration Assistant in the same worksheet after the command Explore and not in another worksheet ?

Explore can be done for many parameters which is not the case for animate.

Thanks for any suggestion

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