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I'am simulating a Simple AC-DC converter withTransistor NPN. When the load is just a resistance. It work. But, when I add an inductor of 10 mH to the load. Do not work. Why ?


Thanks in advance

Hi all,

I have data which I want to give a simpler and a smaller interpolation function. Not necessary with Cubicspline as in the code attached (polynomial, exponential, etc..).

Thanks in advance

How opening maple twice and execut 2 programs at the same time. If possible.


Hi all,

I have two plots, one done in Maple and an other in Matlab. And I want to compare the two plots with superposing the two plots in one plot (in Matlab or in Maple).

Copy from a plot in Maple and past into a plot in Matlab don't work.

What is the easy way to do that ?

Thanks in advance

Is it possible to search a variable or any word or a command in a long worksheet

Thanks in advance

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