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Hi all,


I want to compare two signals with relational block in Maplesim, i.e. greater or equal

The output signal should be a pulsed signal which represents the intervals where one signal is greater or equal to the second signal

How to do this


How to obtain a triagular signal ?



See the code mli.mws

What is the mistake in this command ?

chfonc:=cat('piecewise(' , seq(cat(convert(t<lf[k],string) , ' , 1 , ' ,convert(t<lf[k],string), ' , 1 , ' ) , k=1..p) , '1) ') :

Hi all,

I want to compare two signals where intersections between the two signals represent the instant of command (like boolean pulse) of a thyristor. The two signals are volatges and command of thyristor is boolean. A conversion of voltage to boolean signal should also done, I think ?

Thanks in advance

See image below.

Hi all,

I have some problems to model a DC-AC converter with transistor. Can some one take a look in my maplesim file and help to correct it



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