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I can't find any command to evaluate sqrt(any square non-singular matrix) and ln(any square non-singular matrix) or exp(any square non-singular matrix).I searched inside LinearAlgebra and it's subpackages to do this kind of operations on matrices.sqrt,ln & exp produce error when the argument is a matrix(it does not matter if the matrix is the right one or wrong).

I need to find sqrt(g),where g is the 4 by 4 diagonal flat metric tensor:


In Arfken(Mathematical methods for physicists,5-th edition,page 483),the asymptotic form of the Hankel function is approximated as



Is there any simple/direct way in Maple(using HankelH1(),or otherwise) to achieve this?I don't want to assign numerical values to t or s.

What Should I do to get the correct result-which is obviously not something like my answer. 
> assume(a::(AndProp(NonZero, constant, real)));
> about(a);
Originally a, renamed a~:
is assumed to be: AndProp(real,constant,Non(0))

> is(a, constant);
> is(a = 0);
> is(a^2 > 0);
> assume(p::real, 0 < p and p < infinity...

How I can say that an object,say k, is a constant(it may be positive or negative) inside assume()?

assume(k::??should I say)

pls also tell me what kind of help pages I should see for this kind of "type inside assume()" problems. 



I want to find the inverse function of the given function h(m),and also plot the inverse.I can't find any help to evaluate the inverse function in an explicit form.I plot the inverse though,but why its so ugly?How I can customize its domain & range?

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