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I'm recently searching for  a way to do QFT on Maple 12(Windows) or 13(Linux).I found a relevant Q and ans/comments  almost 3 years old(nov 04,2007)-thanks to doris sanchez,John Fredsted & other contributors.There, Mr. Fredsted gave 3 links to download  3 add-on Maple packages.I found those helpful & downloaded those 3 packages(thanks to their authors & Maplesoft).

Now,I'm getting to the point:

Prob-1)Releated to the "FeynmanGraphs"...

Hi,I explained my problems in the WS below,Thanks in advance.

Let us consider the simple single-variable function,y=f(x)=x*x(i,e,x^2).Now suppose that we don't know our func is x*x,instead we are given:

                                x                        ... In the WS attached,I want to specify that x1,x2,y1,y2 are real.I don't want the complex conjugate sign over the products in the hermitian conjugate matrix.


Also there are 2 examples of "Upper Shift" matrix- 3by3 & 4by4.I need a general index notation for this kind of matrix.(e.g. kronicker delta_i,j represents identity matrices).I tried with kronicker delta_i+1,j;but it doesn't give...

Can someone send me a clear step by step instruction to install Maple 13 for 32 bit Linux?

My OS is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS netbook edition.

I don't want to install it in home folder,instead I want to create a folder(say,MAPLE) in a partition with a lot of space and then install Maple13 inside this folder.

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