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I'd like to populate a listbox from elements of a matrix, but need some help.

I created an empty listbox with name ListBox0, and try to add a name from the matrix.

DataSet := Matrix(3, 3, [[Tim, 21, 80], [Tom, 23, 86], [Tinker, 25, 90]])


SetProperty("ListBox0", DataSet[1, 1])

We've just decided to jump from Mathcad to Maple, and are doing our very first steps with Maple.

Our company is a small sized engineering company (15 employees), and what I am looking for is a bit help to make a working company setup.

This includes in the first run - how do I create and tell Maple where to find those items?

  • Templates with company logo
  • Programs and packages
  • Are there any configuration variables that can / should be set?
  • Are there any other common files that can be made accessible for all on a common network server?
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